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BSIC of all neighbours not decoding

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    Hi all

    Quiet some we are seeing in drive test for certain cell BSIC of all its neighbors are not getting decoded which is leading to no handover decision and call drops.
    Had it been a case for one neighbors we could have interpreted case of interference but problem is for all neighbors

    So far We have taken following actions to resolve the issue but none of them have been fruitfull

    1.Change in BCCH.
    2.CFreload at sites(software reload)
    3.Dxu change(controll card chane)

    if req i can also send the snap shot of TEMS


    Hi Saurabh,

    Check if the BCCH of NBR are declared on BA list active (command RLMFC)



    hi saurabh,

    do you confirm what you are seeing in TEMS with what you see in the QoS KPI reports ? There are no outgoing handovers from that cell to its neighbours ? Zero ?
    What about the incoming handovers ? Is it also zero ?
    It happens to only one cell ?

    In TEMS you can also check the content of the measurement reports : the 6 strongest neighbours are reported aloing with their BSIC. Check there that the BSIC field is empty. (because perhaps the TEMS display is not perfect, but the msg content does not lie)

    If it is indeed a sw or hw problem, then i can’t help much.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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