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AlcatelB10Radio Drop Split(Other Causes)

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    Does anyone have an idea that in Alcatel B-10,what does “Other Cause” mean in the split of Radio Drops? I want to know that what might be contributing to these other causes and how to minimize it?
    Thank you.


    hi alu,

    other causes mean that the measurements averages verify a HO cause, but this cause is not listed specifically in a dedicated indicator.

    For example capture HO (cause 14, 21 or 24) or microcell emergency (cause 7, 8 or 22)



    Thanx Pix,do u knw what can be done for resolution of this issue? I am observing cells with high Percentage of “Other Cause” Drops.I was suspecting capturing aswell initially.So, I selected one such cell and reduced L_Rxlev_CPT_HO with neighbouring cells but no improvement observed.Anything else that can be done?


    The capture HOs are almost always verified : the MS in the umbrella or in the GSM900 cell is probably always getting good signal from neighbour cells. But the HO is not trigger as long as some extra criterion are not verifies.
    for cause 14 : umbrella traffic and min dwell time.
    for cause 21 : serving cell and target cell traffic load.

    what you could do is ease up those criterion, so that MS would safely goes to the neighbour cell, rather than waiting for the drop in the serving cell.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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