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Silent calls

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    Pedro Miguel Saraiva Santos

    Dear All,
    Anyone knows anything about silent calls on mobile networks?The network is both GSM and UMTS.
    Many Thanks,
    Pedro Santos


    Hi Pedro,
    The silent calls initiated by automatic calling equipment at the call center and terminated by the same equipment immediately after the called individual answers the phone.That happens because no live operator is available to take the set up call. Properly run call centres will strive to ensure that they do not generate more calls than their operators can handle.


    Dear Pedro,
    Silent calls are generated by Mobile itself automatically when call originated by user is faild due to any reasons(RFloss,access fail etc.)This is also known as silent Re-Origination. In the RAN report, it can be seen as silent seizers.



    does mute call occur immediately or after sometime during the call


    silent call may occur when CIC in ISUP-trunk not coincide at both nodes of one direction.
    ZB: 1-st timeslot in 1-st E1 at one side have CIC=1, at another – CIC=0.
    and physically voice (tx/rx) is switched at 2 different timeslots.

    Pedro Miguel Saraiva Santos

    Hi Tanuj.Both situations.After call setup (MOC and MTC) and during one call.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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