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SDCCH dimensioning for HR environment

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    Hi PIX!
    you are right, I am in vietnam. I work in viettel network. Thank for your kind.
    I don’t understand clearly why you can say that SD fail, the subcribers will not “fell”?
    because, they can have to try 2 or 3 times to make a call or sms? they will complain us quality of service.
    Can you give me that indicator of Vinaphone or mobile?



    The user will not have to perform the call more than once to go through, even though the indicator SDCCH failure rate is “high”. Just take your experience as a reference : how many times do you have to push the “call” button to make or answer a call ? only once…

    Those failures are counting the “automatic” RACH attempts of the mobiles, as well as ghost RACH, etc… If you don’t agree, then perform drive-tests and experience the SDCCH failures. You’ll see that it’ll never happen.

    This threshold is always the same, whichever the network. I told you already… alcatel officially recommend a threshold of 20%.

    Contact the RTAC for additional infos…

    David A.

    We have Nortel BSC & BTS equipment and have observed a sudden increase in SDCCH drop rate.

    Anyone else noticed this with Nortel equipment?


    David A.,

    Do you mean you’ve rolled out a new Nortel network and you’re now observing a higher SDCCH drop rate than with the previous network ?

    Network-wide, or only on one BTS ?

    What is the SDCCH drop rate ? (daily average & busy hour)


    what can be reason of handover failure except interference or TCH assignment failure??

    David A.


    This increase in SDCCH Drops from 0.8% to 3% occurred on an existing Nortel network. The change was observed across the network.


    Hi,David A
    Pls. check which sites SDCCH DR increased so much.IF these sites are at the same area,it is better to check ulink and dlink interference.


    Hi,David A
    Pls. check which sites SDCCH DR increased so much.IF these sites are at the same area,it is better to check ulink and dlink interference.


    Hi all,

    Could you tell me the target value for SMS Success Delivery Rate ? How can we count that indicator (the formula and the trigerring point)? Do any of you have the documentation about this? I apologize if this topic doesn’t corelate with SDCCH, but I really need your help..Thanks a lot..

    Iwan Suwandi

    Hi Friends

    I have problem with my site
    1. I have a problem of TCH DROP Bad Quality looks acceptable from stats . SDCCH CSSR is within our KPI’s and theres is no congestion on TCH and SDCCH. I have drive test this site and during the drive test no interference found. Can some one help me

    Nitin K

    Hi IWAN,

    Have you checked for the UPLINK QUALITY for the particular cell?


    Help pls.
    Do you have any information about mobile hangging up problem or hangging up time very long time?


    Hi friends,
    I want to know about TCH and SDCCH congestion. Please explain



    Have u checked the C/I on the BCCH and the non-bcch carrier’s.

    Check out the foll options :

    1. Where is the same BCCH freq being used in the vicinity ?

    2. What are the chances that it can hit ur cell and spoil the Drop call Rate ?

    3. If it is being used in the vicinity then at what height are the antenna’s mounting ?

    4. Try changing the freq if ur freq plan permits u to do so or try downtilting the antenna electrically ?

    For more queries



    what are the average KPI values of should be considered to monitor the network, for NSS.

    I have an assingment on NSS related KPI to optimize the network any one can help me in this regards?

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 155 total)
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