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NOKIA question

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    hi all
    in NOKIA BSC 3i we have an extension of service terminal named:RCBUGG

    with this extension we can replace the MML commands in the US command group (Working State
    and Restart Handling) in situations in which the OMU is not in use and the
    MML commands cannot be executed.
    i want to know step to step which commands should apply for this ???

    thank u

    TDM & VoIP

    Hi, Its 4 years since i last used DX200/220, but dont you have NED containing the RCBUGG manual?



    i have NED but it is very vague for me.
    i need step to step instructions.

    TDM & VoIP

    Hi, I searched my archive for RCBBUG actions, and sorry I cannot find examples of when I used it, (But I travel a lot and wont be home again for 4 months, where I know I have some). So, please be very careful. It is not like the menu commands which say “are you sure you want to do this”, if you use RCBBUG, the commend is performed, regardless of the safe integrity of the switch. Perhaps your Nokia support team could give you some advice.

    TDM & VoIP

    hi TDM & VoIP .
    i am very happy to find u.
    i have 1 year experience in NOKIA BSC3i.
    i need some document about advance procedure in BSC.
    i want to be a professional BSC man.
    i need step to step instruction about CREATE OBJECTS in BSC.
    meantime,recently we install BSC NOKIA2000, i want some document about this BSC.
    i want some experienced method in BSC.
    please help me.
    send me to:


    i am so sorry TDM & VoIP.
    in previous post i am wrong.
    my name is jack.

    TDM & VoIP

    Sorry Jack, but it is 4 years since I did DX220, and 6 years since DX200. I dont remember much. I totally enjoyed working on Nokia switches, but I now work on softswitches. Ask you Nokia support team, they will usually do their best to help you learn and grow your knowledge.


    hi TDM & VoIP.
    thanx for your attention.
    the last question:
    as i understand:dx200 for BSC is like WINDOWS for PC!
    i want some documentation about this platform.
    i wanna to learn the language that dx200 support for writing some scripts that simplify monitoring of BSC.
    and i wana to learn about structure of dx200 as a platform.
    can u help me through your archive???

    TDM & VoIP

    DX2xx are Nokia switch platforms.

    DX200 is the same core NSS, but with mobile elements added on, BSC, HLR, VLR etc, . DX220 is the same core, but with fixed line elements added on, subs, ISDN, PRA etc.

    But As I said, I wont be able to access my archive for four months.

    I have had no reason to carry the info with me.

    There used to be a chap called Alex who frequented this forum, but I havent seen his name for a while. He is very knowledgable. Maybe you sould search for his name.


    hi TDM & VoIP.
    i knew this guy in forum.
    and i search about his website but he closed this sit unfortunately.
    he is very rare knowledge about NOKIA BSC 3i.
    i ask you add my name in your mail and when get home please send me this redeemer information.
    thanx so much.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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