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    hi all.
    my BSC is nokia.
    in my network every TRX defined as EDGE whereas My boss Just in a few Cell Enabled EGPRS and GPRS and just in this cells i have 3 time slot as extra timeslot(dynamic abis pool
    and in the other cell i havent any timeslot as DAP AND ON THE THIS CELLS EGPRS is disabled and GPRS is enabled.
    I need to know that is this necessary that my boss defined every TRX IN ONE SITE AS EDGE but he disabled EGPRS on this site.
    i know that we have only 44 TRX as license for EGPRS but in my BSC exists about 200 TRX and my boss enable EDGE on the complete of trxs.
    dose this waste the resource of bsc?

    please forgive me about stupid english.



    Can you please let us know how many PCU cards you are having per BCSU?

    Thanks, Mahesh


    hi mahesh
    sorry for delay in reply
    i have one PCU for many BCSU in BSC and two PCU in a few BCSU in BSC.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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