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    Hi Anjung,
    Your present configuration of 4/4/4 suggests that you are already suing LAPD concentration with a factor of four.You will need to get another E1 to carry out the upgrade which you are thinking of.
    Using Cabinet1 for sector A and cabinet2 for sector B and C while cabinet3 is for the rest of sector C is quite workable, but are you sure you will not need to upgrade the other sectors to 6 TRXs later? If you will, then consider using one cabinet for each sector.


    how much expantion we can do in rbs 2206.pls. tell me abt. it’s commissioning of rbs 2206


    the reason i ask is that in our bts installations we do see a variety of levels received from telco. usually close to a 0 dBm(or -20 dBdsx)however at times they arrive 7 dB or so down from that. Still within tarrif requirements. I want to know how low a rx level i can accept before i need to regen.(add a csu. in some cases our bts’s are not colocated with the telco demarc. i understand the rules for lbo for tx back into the netwrok, but i would like to understand how much loss i can have from the niu to the bts and still be able to function.

    Justin Kamerhe

    Hi Anjung,

    – First of all, you need a third antenna for TX in the first sector where you will upgrade from 4 to 6 TRU’s.
    – Secondly, you need 2 Master cabinets and 1 extension cabinet: cell A will be connected to 1 master cabinet with its TG and cells B and C will be connected to master and extension cabinets with another TG. If you are using LAPD-CON with a factor of 4, the 2 TG’s will be connected in cascade, with 18 RBLT devices allocated to 8 TRU’s (cells B and C) and 13 RBLT devices allocated to 6 TRU’s (cell A).
    NOTE: normally, in this case, for 6 TRU’s, 14 RBLT devices are required, but in order to still use one single E1, you will just define 4 Radio TS on the 6th TRU.

    I hope this will help.



    Hi Justin
    Please clarify me,
    Is first cabinet (cell A)should be install with IDB like this :
    one cabinet setup (2202) and one Antenna sector setup also (GSM900,CDU+)and TEI:62 then for 2nd and 3st cabinets install with IDB like this :
    two Cabinets setup and two antennas sector setup and TEI:61?
    Or briefly, Is it mean that cell B&C cascaded to cell A ?

    Thx for your explanation

    Justin Kamerhe

    Hi Anjung,

    You are right, for the first cabinet (Cell A) you will set TEI=62 and second and third cabinets you will set TEI=61 and configure the PCM in cascade. Don’t forget that you will need 3 antennae in Cell A (6 TRU’s).

    Don’t hesitate to send me an Email if you require further clarification.

    Justin Kamerhe


    Hi Justin n Grinbull
    I have done the upgrade succesfully. Because this is an existing site so I couldn’t do ‘try and erorr’ untill I feel satisfy moreover this is first time I install for tru more than 12
    Actually it need one E1 only. Can someone explain how the maximum one E1 handle TRU? Where is the best placement for the 3rd antenna (between two existing, at upper or lower one of them – related w/ space diversity)?
    BTW, are there someone who have s/w higher version of omt r21.3, local upgrade 1.12 and msm 6.0. Please share to me



    please inform a good site where BTS installations can be understood practically


    I’d Like to kmow how many Erl per one TRX?


    hi anjung as i know the omt 21_3 is the last revision and msm 6.0 is the last one too but i’ll try to check for you


    I want to know about siemens BTS, bs60


    hi anjung,after my last search i find that msm 7.1 is the last one known on ericsson websites and i see omt revision 23_1 but through my work at field i found newer revision of omt downloaded the site idb for RBS 2206,Iam as you always searching for new revisions and softwares…..

    New Subscriber

    In a GSM mobile environment… how do you compute the no of subscriber generated by a new BTS site…


    hi new subscriber,usually the cell planninggroup decides how many subscriber can talk on air using specific site,in ericsson 8 subscribers per 1 tru(transceiver)..


    Hi madhu
    i want to know about RBS 2206
    docunent detail wavbsite if u know pls reply me at


Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 253 total)
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