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Internal Battery

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    We have disagreement in department about what processes happen when mobile battery disconnected when mobile switched ON and in idle mode or dedicated mode. Say mobile fall from hand hit floor and battery come off.

    I say some handsets have power cells/capacitors on interbl PCB which tricle feed small amount of power to allow emergency recovery to close certain apps/functions down properly. I say this as manufacturers must have thought about battery disconnection whilst mobile is ON and would be aware of some internal processes that need to close down when power fails.

    Am I wrong or is there a Standard or guide on this subject pls?

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    when you switch off a desktop, you loose everything. You believe a MS is better ? ๐Ÿ™‚

    that’s just my opinion. also, i duobt there are standards about that.

    regarding the radio part : the MS doesn’t detach from the network when the battery dies.

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    Hi Pix thank you for reply.

    OK but how then with some phones if battery disconnected then battery connected again power ON the user has to re-set clock, but for other clock no need to reset clock and no less in clock time between battery disconnect and reconnect. This is just one function I note take place.

    Also if MS not follow normal power down what happens with PIN management?

    I see GSM02.07 say nothing about battery disconnect when MS still in power ON. So like not IMSI-detach take place and this also said in other thread at this forum.

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    you have read this thread, i assume ?

    it really looks like the choice depends on manufacturer to do the sleep thinggy or not. Removing brutally the battery is the worst case, I doubt any phone can bear it.

    But frankly, there are so many phones, you cannot find a “common” rule for all of them.

    For the clock, the date settings are perhaps stored in the ram regularly. And at startup, the ms will just load the stored date.


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    The clock can also be updated if the network sends the time/date info. The setting can be seen in Settings-> Phone Settings -> Date Time -> Automatic date/time update (given for Nokia phone). This is the reason due to which sometimes when we plug in the battery the mobile corrects its clock.

    Data in ram is not permanent and there is no way to use that data to determine current time. Secondly the amount of charge held by internal capacitors is too low. As soon as the voltage goes down a certain limit, brown out detection circuitry resets the controller. Thirdly, give a break to the MS designers ๐Ÿ™‚ Tomorrow you will say MS should even work when the internal battery dies out OR even when the DL SS is less than -160dB ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Thanks for reply PIX. That was the thread I read too.

    I did some google work and found Patents (EP1107548 etc) where battery change can happen during call. Not sure if that got used in a mobile.


    Funny comment, made me laugh:

    “Thirdly, give a break to the MS designers ๐Ÿ™‚ Tomorrow you will say MS should even work when the internal battery dies out OR even when the DL SS is less than -160dB :)”

    What you mean you haven’t done this already, you must be on very long holiday :-)))

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