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Imm. Assignment fail

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    Hi Guys,

    I’m receiving too many Immediate assignment failure with TEMS Pocket while i’m in idle mode without attempting to make a call.

    Can anybody helps me understand why?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi ATTO,

    Probably the failures are in location update procedure. The MS performs this procedure when it’s turned on/off, when it’s moving between location areas or by periodic registration.

    Maybe you are on a ping pong zone between two location areas?


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    Hi Lucas,

    I’ve been thinking about Location update. I’ll try further investigation to see if i’ll get LU attempt before the message ” Immediate assignment failure”.

    For ur information,the area where i’ve got the problem is only supported by one LAC, all surrounding cells are on the same LAC.


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    How amazing… it’s impossible that the MS listen to the AGCH channel if it didn’t initiate it with a Channel Request.

    (for info) Channel request is a layer 3 msg, you should see it just before the I.A. msg.

    What is the content of the I.A. message ?

    Can you check that the MS is in DRX mode while on the BCCH ? (discontinuous reception)

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    Hi Pix,

    This is the content :

    2009-10-15 12:35:02
    PLMN: xxx ( i think u understand why)
    LAC:8020 CI: 22
    T3126 timeout.
    BCCH ARFCN: 87
    BSIC: 50

    Even today , when i got the same msg. Just before i ‘ve got the msg “MM service Eq” . the content is “MM service = Registered in equivalent PLMN”

    Any idea??

    Other things: In the “time log 1.3” menu, i see : No service 00:00:13

    For the DRX,i don’t know how to check it. let me search and i’ll give u the details.


    #59139 Reply

    This it the content of the message ?? It looks like the header only…

    MM Service Eqt…? I don’t know that.
    No Service -> MS was out of coverage.
    If it gets the network again, it will perform a location update (starting with a channel request).

    #59140 Reply

    Hi Pix,

    I gave you the content , not the header.

    Even near BTS antenna , i got this message.

    Thanks for ur help.

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    Hi Pix, Lucas

    I just switch on TEMS pocket and got the same message 3 times after LAU procedures.

    Below are all the messages i’ve got in the log menu :

    1 : MM Service Unreg ; content = “MM service = Unregistered”
    2 : RR service GSM ; content = “Service on GSM cell”
    3 : LAU Attempt ; content = ” LAU type= IMSI Attach”
    4: LAU Success; content = “PLMN = x, LAC=y, CI=z, Previous LA=t”
    5 MM service Eq; cont = “PLMN,=x, LAC=y, CI=z; MM service =Registered in equivalent PLMN”
    6 Immediate Assign Failure; cont = “PLMN=x, LAC=y, CI=z, T3126 timeout, BCCH ARCFN= 92, BSIC = 50”

    From the previous post , i have never activate LAU attempt and succes in log menu.

    #59142 Reply


    so let me be clear : you current problem is regarding the line 5 :

    MM service Eq; cont = “PLMN,=x, LAC=y, CI=z; MM service =Registered in equivalent PLMN”

    you don’t know what it means ?

    and don’t either, but i think i can find out in the 3GPP. I’ll try to have a look…


    #59143 Reply

    Hi ATTO;

    Is it a VSAT Link?

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