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    hi guys,
    I am a graduate and looking for a job in RF to enhance my skills. can anyone please please please provide with a data which i would need when i join new to work. i need that data before my interviews so that i can be more confident about the practical knowldege. However, i have good theoritical knowledge as i have done my bachelors in electronics and comm engineering and in masters in communicaitons systems engineering.
    i actually need some docs on how the practical approach is carried out in practical for RF system engineer (inc RF testing softwares), what sort of work is carried out practically by an engneer, actually i am a grad and very much excited in how the thng is done, so please consider my mesage and pls if you have anything that can help me with, please forward it to me on my mail address below.
    many many thanks for your time friends.



    Check out the website

    search for RF, optimization, planning, etc…

    For example :


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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