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Poor GPRS Attach Success Rate

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    Hi all,

    I have a severe problem of poor GPRS Attach Success.
    1. What are the reasons for Attach fail?
    2. There are 2 counters that show exceptionally high values
    a) FAIL_GPRS_Attach_Due_SGSN_ERR
    There is no documentation available anywhere.

    Can anyone pl help me out on this issue?

    Thanx in advance!!


    1.Illegal MS,LA not allowed,Illegal ME,GPRS service nor allowed,Gr fail,Ge fail,No suitable cell in LA & protocol error.
    To answer the 2nd part,can I know what are the reasons for Attach failure in your system



    Amongst all the failure causes given by you, I have already checked & found that failures are more due to the already mentioned counters. There is no hard blocking & soft blocking is well under control!
    And I am looking for the reasons for the attach fails!!! RF part is being considerably taken care of..But I am doubting the behavior & communication of SGSN with self & other fellas.


    Sorry for the late reply Bijoy. The site seemed to be down for some days. Anyways, just to share with you, I changed the INIT MCS (DL/UL) from 6/5 to 2/1 & I got good improvement in the Attach Success rate!!!


    what parameters you can use for improvement GPRS Attach succes rate for Ericsonn equipement ?


    What will be the possible reasons for Poor Email send and receive success rate

    to MAC (ghamiz)

    Hi mac…
    well m a bit confused, as the error causes that you had mentioned (FAIL_GPRS_Attach_Due_SGSN_ERR & FAIL_GPRS_Attach_HLR_VLR_ERR) are purely core end and protocol related issues, so how come changing initial coding schemes improved the attach success rate? did u see improvement in VLR and SGSN errors as well or they are intact…???

    waiting for your response..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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