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# of TRX a LAC can carry

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    hello guys,
    Pls, explain onee thing. as i know paging retransmitts for all cells in bsc. How could it be that number paging commands for bsc/per hour is different from number of paging comands for one cel/per hour in this bsc?
    Thank in advance

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    Are you both looking at hourly values ?? I’m amazed by this number of 3 millions !!
    I’m checking it out right now.

    One thing : the numbers I have given you are MAXIMUM capacity, not 60%. Sorry for my mistake.

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    If MC8A is different between cells within same LAC, 3 possibilities:
    1/ MC8a have some problems
    2/ corrupted BSC database: try changing your LAC ID to another number then back to the initial value (for all cells in the LAC)
    3/ wrong CELL / BSC / LAC mapping in the MSC
    4/ MSC paging method is done based on CELL LIST IDENTIFIER containing certain cells only, and not the whole LAC.

    Good luck…
    I can’t really help you more than that, you should ask help from your local ALU support.


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    how can i calculate the load of my paging using the below indices.
    paging messages=80,000 per hour
    Number of AGCH blocks=2
    Multiframes PCH=5
    I got this formula from a book
    Combined BCCH: YES
    Blocks for Access Grant:1
    Number of Pages/Block:3

    Max. Capacity: 25 pages / sec
    91915 Pages per Hour

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    I get some info,plz confirm

    1. combined bcch has 3 CCCH blocks
    2. noncombined bcch has 9 blocks.
    3. In our network i have 2 agch blocks and 5 for pch a total of 7 blocks,therefore can increase the PCH from 5 to 7 cuz i have still 2 CCH blocks left for me?
    4.This is how i did to calculate the PCH load, (in the cell parameter the load threshold for pch is 60)
    paging times per hour=80,000
    PCH blocks=5
    length of a single frame=235ms
    TMSI or IMSI paging: TMSI paging

    5 pch blocks X 3 paging messages per block=15 paging messages/235 ms
    64 paging messages/second
    230,400 messages per hour

    60% load X 230,400=138,240 per hour.

    I think I still get some paging space for this lac?

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    In the Paging request message i got both the IMSI and TMSI and in the paging response i got only TMSI, I thought that if TMSI paging is activated at MSC side then in the paging request only the TMSI must include, why there is an IMSI too???!

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    Dear, Abdel!
    Paging request may identify several MS. Perphaps these Ids belong to different MS?

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    No i have only two IDs, by the way i thought when TMSI is activated then IMSI can not be traced from A interface is this right. What i have seen it is that i put trace on my imsi and i see a pag_req with both the imsi i am tracing and a a TMSI.

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    Abdel, sorry – you are saying about A-interface but I am – about radiointrfc. Paging message on A-interface is related only to one MS. This message contains IMSI as mandatory parameter and TMSI if MSC wishes to page on IMSI. IMSI is used by BSS for e.g. paging group calculation in DRX-mode. See Paging message format in 08.08.

    #58033 Reply

    mistake:’wishes to page on IMSI’ = ‘wishes to page on TMSI’

    #58034 Reply

    thanks pan, i traced the radio interface and i got the tmsi paging there is no imsi available.

    #58035 Reply

    Dear Ashraf,
    For your question of different cells having different Pagings.

    Two more possibilities could be (provided you have GPRS enabled).

    1. Cells in same LAC are in different RAC as the MS are paged per RAC + LAC basis. or
    2. Packet paging is disabled on some cells / BSCs.

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    Hello Sir,
    I want to know that in bts where we use the TSDA.
    What is the main difference between TSDA & TSDB.
    Please clear my confusion.


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    jose Lukanda kasongo

    i have 14 frenquency in my Frequency hopping set.
    I want to implement hopping synthsis 1/1
    somme one can help me to do the MAIO planning?

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