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Alcatel HELP

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    Hello pix
    As i read your feed back you have good experience in alcatel ,
    I have one question how i can ensure cell to carry all times 80% of traffic channel 80% and the rest 20% need your help please .

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    Hello… Dad (?!?)

    I don’t understand your question, sorry.

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    My boss ask me how we can put cells the time to have in cell only 20% traffic for half rate channel and 80% Full rate

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    A Optimizer

    You need to change the SV thresholds available in alcatel.. If you dont get how to set their values to allow the traffic distribution among half and full rate, leave a post again.

    @Pix: What about quality HOs for intra cell inter band in CC?

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    HOW to set SV threshold

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    In the OMCR, you’ll find parameters related to half rate, called U_*_SV1 and L_*_SV1 (“*” is a string of letters, that i forgot 🙂 )

    H is the upper threshold, and L is the lower threshold. SV1 means those are the thresholds for half rate and full rate. SV3 is related to AMR HR and AMR FR.

    Set the upper threshold at 80% and the lower threshold at 60%. Like this, you’ll have between 20% to 40% of half rate in your cell. It’s not possibe to choose exactly 20%, because the mechanism is based on the traffic load.
    If traffic > 80%, then all new calls are in half rate
    If traffic was > 80% but is now < 60%, the new calls are set in full rate. Don't choose lower and upper thresholds to close to each other, because when you translate the percentage into number of timeslots, you see they are actually quite close. For instance, 3 TRX = 21 TCH 80% = 16.8 60% = 12.6 if 17TCH are allocated, the load > 80%
    if 12 TCH are allocated, the load < 60%. It's only 5 TCH difference between 80% and 60%, and since one call lasts about 40s, there can be some statistical effect.

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    what is the meaning of TSU?

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    thank you pix for your support i hope u help me in one more parameter EN_Multiband_PBGT_HO if i activated to balance traffic in dual band what is the drawback for this parameter?

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    Drawback is that power budget HO is available towards the cells from the other band.


    This can be seen as an advantage as well, obviously.

    Confused ? You should be !

    It all depends what you want to do with your network. In my own strategy for multiband network, I disable this parameter so that HO between cells 900 and cells 1800 are done thanks to capture HO and emergency HO. No PBGT HO whatsoever.

    But really, it’s up to you.

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    hi PIX
    can you please one more help as i checked Alcatel BSS parameter description is it just shortcut i need information about EN_SEND_SPEECH_VERSION

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    I have no idea what is this parameter !! How surprising. Isn’t it a BSC parameter? Probably linked to TFO or AMR ?

    Just post the definition, the possible values, and so on. Perhaps I can help then.

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    Hi PIX
    it is BSC parameter and it is description is This flag controls “Speech version (used)” OIE inclusion in

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    Can anyone help me to find the meaning of Tcuc , tsu ,dtcc,as in bsc

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    Hello Dad,

    Ok, if you enable this parameter,

    when the BSC detects a HO towards a cell that belongs to ANOTHER BSC, then it sends a HO REQUIRED to the MSC.

    In the HO REQUIRED, the field “Speech Version” will contain what is the current Speech Version of the call (which Codec…).

    This allows to transmit this information to the target BSC, in order to do something ( ??? probably prepare TFO continuity, or keep the same codec in the target cell, at least ???)

    But since it involves the MSC, you must ensure the MSC will properly transmit this parameter to the target BSC.

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    Thank you pix i got the idea

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