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Non synchronized and synchronized HO

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    As I know each cell of a Site are normally Synchronized.
    But while I was checking a handover(intercell) between 2 cells of the same site, from layer 3 ho command msg, I found that this HO was non-synchronized.
    I checked from the RF Export (RF export of neighbor parameter) that,in our network, not all the cells of the same site are not defined as synchronized.Means,for example,for “site A”(of 3 cell),Cell 1 and Cell 2 are defined synchronized but Cell 1 and Cell 3 are not defined synchronized.
    Is it normal? I mean can we define like this for the cells of the same site?
    If yes,what is the benifit/ what is the reason for defining this?

    Thnaks in advanced.Waiting for prompt reply.

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    Two cells are synchronized if they share the same clock, and the clock ze’re talking about is located within the BTS. In your situation, is there a radio parameter in cell 3 that force this cell to perform asynchronous HO rather than synchronous ones ?

    Or perhaps the cell 3 is handled by another BTS (master BTS / slave BTS configuration) ?

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    Yes,there is a parameter here as I found from documents to make the HO synchronized or not synchronized.

    That cell belonged to the same BTS.

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    Hi Pix,
    So in my case, isn’t it better to define the HO as synchronized if the cells are of the same site (run by the same clock?

    Actually what is the benifit of Synchronized HO over the non-synchronized HO ?

    To my understanding synchronized HO can be quicker as in this case MS doesn’t have to wait for Physical information message after the HO access.

    Anything else other then this..please share…

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    as my experience and also theorically non sync ho’s between the cells with the same clock decrease the chance of prompt ho between them but the main issue is when you have two cells in different sites which are sync together,will may cause lots of ho fail and call drop.maybe sometimes the a shouldn’t ho to b because b is most of the time congested and there are enough very good ho candidates around.however i prefer to use other solutions for such cases.

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    A synchronous HO for colocated sectors is quicker since you do not have to send the “Physical info” across (no need to measure TA, acquire synchronization). So as a general rule, better to define colocated / co timing source cells (whether same BTS or 2 synced BTS’s) as synchronous.
    Asynchronous will work too but why spend more time unnecessarily.

    For 2 non colocated cells, defining neighbors as synchronous could be disastrous, unless special set up in special cases like HO on railways where u can have a prdetermined TA for HO.

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    thanks Ahsan.

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