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    Hi all…..

    Recently AC Nielsen was hired for benchmarking the network quality of ours vis a vis other operators in the same region.

    The operator choosen includes two CDMA operators and four GSM operators.
    Out of four GSM operators one is in 1800 band. Infact it is the only operator in the 1800 band rest others are in 900 band.

    I would like to know…to compare between two or more in term of performance isn’t it that they should be equated first.
    I mean due to the features of technology itself isn’t the CDMA operator will have edge over GSM on some points(?? wants to know).

    or the operator in GSM(1800) will be having some edge in quality(??) or the operator in GSM(900) will be having some edge in coverage(??).

    What neilsen did …they prepared there “thresholds” …and conducted a drive of region for all the operators…and finally prepared a comparative statistics based on this…

    Do have some ideas about the inherited advantages/disadvantages of the three technologies mentioned …so that extra weight can/may be assigned to them for future benchmarking exercises.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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