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calculate voice messaging ports

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    marty bruno

    I have a customer than would like to know how to accurately estimate the
    number of ports needed for a new voice messaging system. The customer used
    the following simple formula:
    nubmer of mail box subscribers X .08 = number of voice messaging ports

    An Avaya Intuity system is proposed.
    I’m not sure of the design but there could be up to 1500 mailbox
    I called Avaya technical support but they could not provide a formula. They
    have designed packages based on the number of mailboxes and state that
    customer experience and their own research has proven the packages accur
    The Avaya package for 1,500 subscribers specifices their largest PC (MAP
    100) with 36 ports and 600 hours of storage.

    The customer really would like a formula to verify this calculation. The
    Customer’s 8% formula would call for 120 ports. Can you help?

    Luigi (Luigimex)

    Hi, here is my though:
    1500 subscribers
    0.05 Erlang per subscriber (just incoming)
    25% of suscriber = out work place then a voice mail is left.

    Traffic= 1500*0.05*0.25=18.75 Erlang
    Ports Erlang(0.01, not delayed included)= 29 ports which makes sense to what Avaya propose.
    I recommend to use this general formula and compared with commercial capacity. Memory for voice messages will be adress per the amount of messages you store per customer (again system capacity).
    Hope it helps you o give more ideas.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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