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Reason for not taking traffic

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    Hi everybody,
    I have a problem :
    In a Nokia ultrasite 1800 band with 4+4+4 configuration, TRX 7&8 don’t take traffic at all for some time.
    We did some swaps in TRXs,BB2Fs,Duplexers and even cables but nothing changed and still no traffic.What is the reason and what should we do?


    is there congestion in the cell ?

    if no:
    Perhaps TRX from 1 to 6 are taking all the traffic already, and Nokia TRX allocation algorithm prefers to “reserve” those TRX only if there is more traffic.

    if yes:
    did you block access to these TRX (preference mark ?) perhaps only PS traffic can be allocated there ?
    if you lock other TRX 1…6, can the TRX 7 and 8 carry traffic?
    this is a strange case, sorry i can’t help more…

    when you say 4/4/4 configuration… what do you mean by TRX 7 and TRX 8 ?? Which cell do they belong to?


    Can you pleaseCheck the report 196 & 208 for these TRXs also.


    Thank you PIx and Ajay,

    Pix,by 4/4/4 I mean there are totally 12 TRXs and 4 TRX per each cell so TRX 7&8 belong to second sector (cell) and yes by blocking the other 2 TRX in that cell(5&6) these 2 TRX took traffic!
    May be there is really no traffic to take!! how can I find out this?



    Well, what is the current traffic_erlang of this cell ?

    if it’s less than 8 erlangs, then it’s normal that trx 7 and 8 don’t take traffic.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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