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Access Grant Timeslots

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    I wanted to ask: In non combined mode, there are 9 paging blocks in the control multiframe. In our network, one of these blocks is reserved for Access Grant Channel.

    there are 51 timeslots in a control multiframe
    1 paging block (4 timeslots) is reserved for Access Grant Channel in one multiframe
    So How many users can this Access grant Channel support at a time(in 1 paging block)?

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    i forgot the number… so i will not answer your question. I will just ask you another question :
    your current configuration is 1 AGCH + 8 PCH ( = 9 CCCH), which doesn’t look very good. I suspect your cell is actually configured as dynamic AGCH. The number of AGCH can increase, depending on the demand.

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    I want to know how to calculate maximum paging commands on Air interface

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    it will be like this:
    But i am not sure.

    total ccch channel=8
    therefore 8*235=1880
    in 1000ms it will be (1880/235)*1000
    =>8000 per second from one cell…

    Am i right..??

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    Hi Vivek,, you are wrong:

    into 235 ms there are 9 ccch blocks in case of not combined CCCH or 3 ccch blocks in case of combined CCCH. So, depending on the channel combination we can transmit on air 9/3 Immediate Assignment or Paging Command every 235ms.

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    Hi Michele
    Desert storm has mentioned that he has 1 AGCH reserved so v r left out with only 8 ccch for paging.

    I was nt talking of combined or ncomb mode.
    & moreover the whole 51 tdms frame will be transmitted as a whole i.e for a time span of 235 ms.

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    I think Michele missed the 1 AGCH, but otherwise I agree with both of you. Except that… there is more than one paging command in one PCH block, isn’t it?

    I think a typical assumption is 3 commands / block (due to a mix of IMSI or TMSI paging method). It has been a long time i didn’t do this kind of stuff, so if you can confirm what I’m saying, that’ll make me feeling less forgetful :))

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    sorry, i didn’t finish… second part of the post:

    vivek, there are 8 PCH blocks per TDMA frame, so that’s 24 paging commands / 235 ms.

    That’s 102 paging commands per second.

    I don’t know why you multiply by 235. There are 8 PCH / 235ms, that’s all.

    >> there is usually a load limit of 60% on the PCH, so usually the PCH limit is dimensioned at 60% x 102 paging commands / sec.

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    sorry, third part: i didn’t mean “TDMA frame” in the previous post (the second post, if you still follow me…), but “51 multiframe”.

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    fourth part:

    just kidding.

    good night!

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    Hi all,

    How can i get AGCH load?


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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