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HO success in one way

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    Hi ALL

    i have couples of cells with one way ho success rate very low, my ho parameters are ok. please give solution!!!

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    check preparation success rate and efficiency rate, check the cause of the failure (thanks to indicators in your PM Viewer) : congestion, radio BSS prep failure or BSS failure ?

    didn’t we have a discussion about this already ?

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    Hi pix,

    the example of this problem:

    cell1 to cell2:100%ho success
    cell2 to cell1: 7%ho success

    with no congestion in cell1 and good ho success with other neighbours.

    The preparation is good also but the execution is bad.
    i think to decrease homarginlev in one sense since most of ho cause in cell2 is due to weak ul level. what do you think?

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    Johnson Crew

    What could account for the difference in values between HO decision and attempts on an ericsson network?

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    poor execution from cell 2 to cell 1 has nothing to do with congestion, but probably more with a broken TRX in cell 1

    what is the call setup success rate of cell 1 ?
    more precisely, what is the TCNAFLR (tch normal assignment failure rate) ?

    if cell 1 is working perfectly, then you should check the radio conditions in the area where MS are most probably doing the HO from cell 2 to cell 1. Check interference, or obstacles, that could stop the radio link suddenly. However, with 7% success rate, I would assume it’s more of a TRX hardware problem than a radio problem.

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    HI pix,

    cell1 has 1.15% of tch assignment fail.I think it is not HW problem since other cell1 neighbours has successefull HO, only low HOSR with cell2.


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    Ok, that’s a little strange… If you’re certain you don’t have any kind of interference, if you’re sure the coverage at the intersection of both cells is good, and finally, if you’re sure the HW is good (it looks like it is good) then the only possible issue is a kind of software bug.

    I’m sorry, I cant help anymore than this…

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    Antapé, which type of HO from cell 2 to cell 1 (intraBSC, interBSC or interMSC)? Which HOSR on cell2 for outgoing HO to other neighbours.

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    During drive test ,my voice call get muted for few seconds e whenever hand off takes place and then call get drop.Pl tell me the reaons.

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    hi Evgen,

    it’s intraBSC ho, HOSR from cell2 to other very good. this is why i do not catch this problem.


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    we are using nokia BSS, problem with HOSR as:if “freq list is taken from the adjacent cells” HOSR get 95%- 96% only. When we create BA list include all freqs adjacent cells, HOSR increase to 98%. help me why?

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    I don’t understand the differences between the two choices…

    freq list is taken from the adjacent cells


    we create BA list include all freqs adjacent cells

    Could you give an example of BA list?

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    Hi Pix,
    I ask another question clearly:
    Parameter : “Measurement BCCH Allocation list” need set 0 or 1 Why?, what happen if set 1 or 0 ( We using BSC/BTS Nokia.
    Thank alot

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    your first question got an answer already ?

    for the second question, i still can’t answer: this parameter name doesn’t ring any bell (i don’t work with nokia system). Perhaps you can write down the description of this parameter? Its properties? Then I could tell you what it does.

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    Dear Antapé.
    you may do the following:
    1- check HO type from Cell2 to Cell
    2- check HO margin and hreqav between them.
    3- make drive test and ensure the HO conditions are satisfied in the field or not.
    4- you can delete the neighbor relation between them and redefine it again (maybe it is a software bug)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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