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GSM basics

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    vikrant abrol

    can anyone provide me the basic steps for the loading of IDB’S in ericsson BTS.

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    What is the effect of increasing the number of trx in sector with no congesetion

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    can anyone explain how to repair a group switch in ericsson IOG20 based switch

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    Antenna testing pb

    hi all ,i have tested the antenna 739 623 using the site master in order to mesure the VSWR but the result was more than 1.4 (the limit accepted by the operator),so plz can we test only the antenna witout jumper & feeder?cause in the kathrein data sheet the max vswr of this type is 1.5?some one can help me?
    kindelly @ziz

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    HI Antenna testing pb,

    Testing an antenna along is not the best way. But if you have to do that be sure tu put the antena at less 2 meter from the ground surface.
    In fact cable and jumper introduces sama attenuation for the signal testing transmitted by the instrument.

    If you achieve the values near than the antena maker is OK.


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    can anyone plz tell me about antenna main and diversities.
    with regards

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    Dear all
    is there a ralation between Number of subscribers and TCh congestion < SDCCH congestion and TCH call drop i mean If i have 200000 subscriber in my network TCH congestion 2% if the number of subscriber increse to 1000000 So What about TCH congestion ?????? and how i can estimate TCh congestion and other KPI if the number of sub. increse ???? thanks

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    Can any one know what is the architecture/paper model of Lucent
    5ESS 2000 for GSM not PSTN

    Actually i know in PSTN the Architecture of 5ESS 2000 is like this

    5ESS 2000 Switch (parent)
    Admin Cabinet(child)
    SM Cabinet(child)
    TSIU Shelf (child of SM)
    TSIU Controller Card (Child of TSIU )

    Like this the architecture will continue…Similarly i need the architecture for GSM Lucent 5ESS 2000

    Thanks in Advance,
    Srikanth Reddy . P

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    How can i dimension the Network(GSM)using the Busy hour traffic.How can i calculate the NO. of TRX and Channels?

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    hello robin cooker,

    to dimension a network, you actually need to know the busy hour traffic in erlang per cell.

    (not the total value for the whole network)

    once you have the traffic per cell, you can start anlyse how much traffic channels are needed per cell to carry all this traffic.

    the method to do this is to use the Erlang B table, choose a blocking rate of 2% and look up the traffic per cell (offered traffic). It will ouput the number of channels needed.

    Divide the nb of channels (= number of timeslots) by 8. Round up the result. This number is the number of TRX needed per cell.

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    Hi chandrasekhar,

    Most commonly used Cellular Antenna Diversities are Space Divsity & Polarization Divsty.
    Space Div is to get signal via different paths and therefore to have a gain by combining those signals, & its mainly used for Uplink.
    Polarisation diversity means, use of different polarisations (eg. +45/-45) to ensure the optimal coupling at both receiving & transmitting ends.


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    What is the effect of increasing the number of trx in sector with no congesetion

    -it increases the difficulty for frequency planning (specially if ur not using Synthesize hopping)
    -Also, consumes more Transmission resources (E1)
    -otherwise, no harm, coz TSs of TRXs transmit only when there is traffic on those Time Slots.
    -But my recommendation is to use the available resources efficiently (by Parameter tuning) coz GOD & NW Quality are closely inter-related.


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    Michael Robbin-Coker

    How can i forecast for the radio network capacity using a period of 6 months busy hour traffic data as sample.

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    robbin cooker,

    did my answer helped you ?

    to forecast traffic, you just need to know how many subscribers you’re planning to get. That’s a marketing assumptions, not an engineering one…

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    Robbin Coker

    No the answer did not help me. The only required data available is the buzy hour traffic. I am trying to write a software programme to automatically calculate the radio network (GSM) capacity. An engineering one.

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