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GSM basics

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    Dear, pix

    i tried to claculate the benefit for BSC traffic in Busy hour
    so if i have one cell and this cell has traffic in Bh = 9.05 Erl
    covert traffic to min
    9.05*60 = Min.
    the the result by Min. * Cost of one minute
    is it right ??????

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    yes, to me, this is correct.

    Be sure to use the TCH erlang, and not the SDCCH + TCH.

    and then, you must know that during the TCH phase, there are few seconds during which the call is being connected and during which there is ringing. This delay is included in the TCH erlang, but is not being paid by the subscriber.

    Therefore, I would remove 5% of the total erlang value. (9.05 – 5%)
    (average call duration = 60 seconds, average waiting duration = 3 seconds)

    I hope i’m being clear and logic 🙂


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    Can u help me with TCP/ip security implementation

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    Dear, Pix
    i understand your answer , i think it is logic , but do you think the traffic of ringing and call setup is high to effected on calculation ?????/
    thanks so much

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    dear , pix
    could you tell me from where we find 5%

    traffic *69 min
    60 min not second
    5% * 60 = 3 minute
    i think it is so much .

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    well, you have to consider the average duration of one call, not the erlang traffic on the whole cell !

    To find the value, it is easy : erlang divided by number of TCH assignments (for normal assignments + for incoming handovers), and multiply the result by 3600.

    But usually you can consider that the average is about 60 seconds… it is a value that you find frequently worldwide.

    And usually, you wait an average of 3 seconds before your call is being answered (or before you answer the incoming call).

    That is where the 5% come from. You can decide or not to take it into account, but if you want a realistic simulation, you’d better throw it in..

    If the cumulated duration of the calls in a cell = 60 minutes (for example), the cumulated duration of the “waiting”/”ringing” phase is about 3 minutes. But that duration is split over the whole amount of calls that were processed in the cell.


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    Hi all, i need to know why is the TSC equal to BCC in GSM spec, any comment??

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    actually, it is recommended to be equal, but not mandatory… a cell can work fine with a TSC different than the BCC.

    don’t ask me why, cuz i’ve no idea what the TSC is actually doing… (used during the HO ACCESS ?)

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    Hi, yes, it is used to estimate the distance between MS and BTS, so that Bursts and TA are set accurately, where you think I can get the answer to why they should be same, i asked so many but none knew why

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    Dear sir,

    Why we use DC voltage in telecom sector?

    In case of DC, why we use 48 V, not any other voltage?

    Could u plz. answer me ?

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    Dear, all
    i have a question
    Plz could you help me about if there is a KPI or counter called call per TCH channel , traffic per channel ,and TCH channel per subscriber , is there what is the benefit for each one
    that is means
    Is it is a design counter , or quailty counter?

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    Dear, all
    Plz i repeat my question plz could you help me to do my job ?
    my job is how to calculate BSC traffic revenue for certain company ?
    i tried with help from Mr. pix
    but i found the result (revenue so huge and i am sure the revenue for this company it is not as the result
    my claculation way is
    generated traffic in BH (Busy hour *60 * cost of one minute

    fpr example
    one cell has 2 TRX , 12 TCH
    and it generated 10 ERL in BH
    i converted TCH traffic to minute by multiply *60
    Plz help me

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    Dear sir,

    why 48V DC is used in telecom, why not other voltabe?

    I mean, what is the point of selecting the special voltage, not other voltage?

    why DC, not AC voltage is used?

    Could u plz. answer me?

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    Dear sir,

    Could u pls. tell me from which the control channel BCCH and SDCCH are generated, whether from BTS or from BSC?

    #34519 Reply

    I have very less idea of Nokia BSC give me idea such that i could feel confident and tell me various functions,commands and how many part it is consisting

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 157 total)
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