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GSM basics

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    Pramod Nair

    To Mohhamed,
    We calculate traffic in terms of Erlang
    Take the total nos of TRX in to consideration,Remove the BCCH time slot and we have got 7 ts in one carrier .
    Take the equivalent erlang in the TS
    Take erlang per subscriber
    divide the total erlang by erlang per carrier(depending on the carrier)
    And lo u get the max subsccriber(max voice traffic)in the carrier

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    Mohammed Nayeemuddin

    Hi Mr Pramod Nair

    Thankyou v much for your eplanation regarding trafic chnanel. Really u r brilliant, i have ask this question to many people, but no one could answer this question.Pls if u have some important technical points regading GSM And CDMA concepts pls let me know.And if i have any doubts i will give you trouble again.

    Thankyou once again

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    I’m new to this domain with only little knowledge of the Telecom/Switching. I wish to know more about various switches, their CDR formats and how CDR is passed on to the external billing system (eg ftp)

    I want to improve my knowledge of telecom technology and request u experts to guide me on the same
    where can i get these information on CDRs of various switches?

    Where can i find the replies to the queries? I hadn’t seen much on this page


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    Pramod Nair

    some body with material on GPRS /EDGE DIMENSIONING

    #34464 Reply

    every one i am new for this domain
    i want shair experience
    and learn from all of you

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    Saikat Sarkar


    I’m new to GSM Tech.
    Pls let me know the DUAMCO, CU, DULNA & their relations regarding SIEMENS BTS

    #34466 Reply

    Hello everybody,

    Can anyone help me in knowing about CAMEL’s CAP messages formats.

    please help me out,
    Can anyone send any document about it.


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    Vuyof Ngwo

    Hi Mohammed,

    In respond to your question,of howmany voice calls can be made in one traffic channel,I will tell you 7 calls can be made.Following the GSM principles of 8 TS,this means 7calls can be made while one TS is left for signallisation.

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    Mohammed Nayeemuddin

    Mr Vouyf ngwo

    Thankyou v much for your response for my question.One thing i did’nt uderstand that in one traffic channel there will be 24 TDMA frames and each TDMA frame having 8 times slot ie 8 bursts and each lasts for .577 if want to know ,how many calls can be made in one traffic channel will it be 7 or 7×24.
    second thing accoding to Mr promod nair explanation on 22nd july 04,he has shown one procedure. consider total no of TRX then remove BCCH, take eqvivalent erlang in TS,then take erlang per subscriber then divide total erlangs by erlangs per carrier to find no of vioce calls can be made in one traffic channel at a time.
    Going through all this, can you give more clear explanation, that how can we find the total nuber of voice calls we can make in one traffic channel at a time.

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    i like to receive document pdf about bts siemens XL240

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    Dear Guys;

    Is anyone in knowledge of why we CAMEL billing principles? That is what parameters should exist in the CDR for proper roaming? My address is for any replies thanks

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    Hi,Can u give the Details of Radio
    Network Management(GSM Network).
    I need Source of Information and Book on this topic

    #34472 Reply

    Hello Suba,

    Can i know what is you are looking for?.


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    Mohammad Yasin

    Hi All
    I am working on NOKIA BSC’s and have problem in using function of SPLITTING BSSs i.e to shift a site from one BSC to another.Please if anyone can help me mail me at

    #34474 Reply

    I’m also very much interested in knowing the theory behind Cell Split… How does it defer against Half-Rate?

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