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help me in 3G bts

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    ajay srivastava

    Hi daer

    this ajay i were working in nokia bts(ultra bts) but now i am working in 3G BTS. So i need your help in 3G BTS.

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    Hey dude!!!

    Which BTS are you talking about? And what do you wanna know about it??

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    mohammed abdul mubeen

    Dear friends i want learn about 3g bts can any one me please let me know how commissioning has to done please share the knowledge i hope i can help some one who is in need after learning from you wating for your reply thanks

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    kwaku Boadi

    Hi All,
    In UMTS, there is nothing like BTS. BTS is normally used for GSM. In UMTS, it is called Node B.
    Which vendor’s equipment do you want to learn about?
    Be more specific……

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    kwaku Boadi

    how about for LTE? what do you call it?

    when you say Node B, it denotes the base transceiver station part of UMTS. so there’s no problem in saying 3G BTS and its acceptable..

    of course there;s nothing like the BTS of GSM because it won;t work with UMTS directly. they might share resources only (antenna, feeder etc) meaning an RBS2206 is not home to an RNC but BSC.

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    kwaku Boadi

    Hi Finn,
    Ericsson calls 2G base transceiver station RBS 2000 family.In this 2000 family of RBS, we have 2206,2202,2106,2216 2116,etc. But in 3G, Ericsson calls node B as RBS 3000 family where by we have 3216,3116,3206,3106,etc. But for Long Term Evolution, I dont actually know how they call the Base Transceiver Station.

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    yeah that’s what we call here also in Ericsson.. Here in Australia, we have RBS200 too, which are now being modernized to RBS2216 and co-loc with an RBS3206 or Ericsson Node B or Ericsson 3G BTS. What I know the BTS for LTE is called an eNode B.

    BTS/base transceiver station/base station is generic to all network but to be specific of course depending on vendor’s model and technology, like what you said for 3G is Node B. So how about if it’s CDMA? TDMA? CDMA EV-DO? TD-SCDMA? WiMax? I don’t know, but generic, its BTS.

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    LTE we call base station “eNodeB”

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    is there any site that help me to install the 3G bts plz let me know as soon as possible.
    and if u have any material that could help me in this so kindly send it to me on my email address

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    Paul Fleming

    Can someone confirm that LTE is actually 4.5G?
    I know after 3G came HSDPA, 3.5G then HSUPA which is 4G.

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    HSUPA 4G – no
    LTE neither 4G nor 4.5G

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    please explain me why traffic node frequently hanged

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    it could be a software issue.. get the latest revision.

    also, is it the traffic node itself or the browser your useing to access the TN?

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    any body help me
    were i can find malayalam language telecommunication books or cd

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    can any one help me out for the 3G bts commisioning like i need the proceedure for the commisioning step by step and what is the proceedure to download the script on the BTS and what is the name of the cable which is getting connected with the cross cable to the BTS

    it will be very helpfull for me

    Thank You

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