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t1 vs Pri

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    I am farily new to telecom, so please bare with me.

    The company I work for is a planning a move to a new building.. we currently are using a pri setup with our call centre, and would like to keep the same at the new location.

    The dilemna is this… the price difference between pri and t1 is about $300CDN a month each. I am trying to figure out if it is valuable to use the pri over the t1.

    We wil have about 30 seats, and do a lot of predictive dialing. I know the pri has faster detection as far as busy signals etc… But I don’t know how much faster, nor do I know the implications of “downgrading” to t1.

    Any info is appreciated.
    Thank you.


    I would stick with ISDN.

    First of all a robbed bit T1 is much more difficult to trouble shoot and get fixed if you ever do have a problem. I can not begin to tell you how many times we have argued with COs in an attempt to fix a problem that was with there equipment and probably would not have occoured, or would have been easier to pin point if it had been ISDN. Also ISDN is Extremely faster when you are talking in terms of predictive dialers, also the response from the CO being digital instead of an audio signal means that your system will register a response (busy, No answer, disconnected, etc…) more accuratley.


    what i know about PRI and T1 is

    1. T1 is 2 MB full stream and you have to use the whole and on the other hand from PRI you can take 30 channels for your demand.

    2. T1 has no such termendous features of CLI, disconnect, forwarding ,no busy tone, etc.

    I would appreciate if somebody points out my mistake.

    Thank u n cheers

    Erin Ennis

    Re: Zahid’s post, I would assume Warren was referring the channelized robbed-bit T1 w/ 24 channels (I think the E1 is 30).

    My understanding is that the PRI allows for a great degree of integration into a software solution (screen pops based on ANI/Caller ID) whereas a standard Robbed Bit T1 will not support those functions quite so readily.

    I, too, am researching T1 vs. PRI feasibility for a 100 seat inbound call center. The prospective client has purchased two DS-3s (switch diversity) with standard T1s.

    I am investigating ditching the DS3s and going to an individual PRI (or 6-8 PRIs) solution; I am unsure if the existing T1 circuits on the DS3 could be ‘converted’ to PRI or if that level of service would require different provisioning at the DS3 level. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Well, it has been a while since I have purchased these lines… I did go with the PRI cause of the speed.

    Had no problems with our Telco. however, we made configuration changes for the dialer that were necessary to run PRI…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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