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Call established at higher TA Cell

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    I have found in TEMS that..for some calls… was established at higher distance cell…instaed of the nearby Cells. Nearby cells have very good level(fully functionning).The higher distance cell have poor level but call established at that higher distance cell.
    What might be the cause for this?
    I have found this case several times.
    Thnx in advanced.

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    1. cell reselection offset different
    2. nearby cell is congested -> call setup is forwarded to the far cell.
    3. MS remains attached to the far away cell because there is no reselection relation between the two cells

    … i think that’s about it.

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    generally overshoot cells maked this problem. in the short term overshoot cells effective cells.
    if you can do ACCMIN parametre value decrease another value for example its have 108 accmin you must 104 OR 102 it should be prevent establis call this cells.
    but you can found alot different anser about this (tilt bspwrb/t etc)

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    Near by there was lots of cells…not a single this might not for the congestion.
    Far cell overshooted…but thats level was much poorer then the nearby cells.
    But call established at that overshooting cell with poor level.

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    have you checked the CRO, CRH and the Cell Bar Qualify for these two cells ?
    what are the values ?

    what is the rxlev of each cell ?

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    cell reseltion hys = 3
    cell reselection offset = 0
    cell bar qualify = 0

    for all of them.
    The far cell where the call was setup rxlev was -84 dBm during setup.
    Nearby 2 cells have rxlevel -61 dBm and -62 dBm.

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    it doesn’t make any sense 🙂 the C1 and C2 computed in the phone for the two “strong” cells are much higher than the C1 & C2 of the far cell, isn’t it ?
    Then there is no logical explanation about your issue… Just to be sure, check the C1 & C2 values for all the cells. The whole reselection process is based on the C1 and C2 values, and the CBQ.

    They all work in the same frequency band ?

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    yes…they are using the same frequency band.
    Ya no logical reason..
    I dont know whether it was a prob for that TEMS phone ??…
    who knows!!!..
    but the same problem I found also 1 and half years ago…with same Vendor.

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    it can’t be vendor related, because the values of C1 and C2 are computed within the MS… I would say that’s a MS issue, but the reselection algorithm is pretty much the same as 10 yrs ago. Strange to see a bug there…

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    Hi RH,
    In Nokia BSS, normally C2 related parameters are inactive (then c1=c2), but if you enable C2 have to define temporary offset, penalty time, etc. Maybe your temporary offset is a high value (20dB or more) and this can cause that the calls are made whith the lower rssi cell instead of the strongest.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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