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DFn CATegories in ALCATEL E10

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    Asim Ali

    I want to program CAT=DF4 so that when I assign this CATegory to a Subscriber it receives an Information announcement but cannot dial outwards but at the sametime Incoming calls to it should be allowed.

    I want to do this because when I need to make a lot many subscriber Numbers to ONE-WAY I have to remove all the Categories and TYpes. I have the ALCATEL 1000 E10 Switch running R24G20/NTM702 in PAKISTAN.

    Nouman Mahmood

    Dear Asim,

    You can program this but before get goin’ you need to have a bit of knowlegde regarding FILES-ARCHITECTURE in E10.
    There is a File called Files of Forwarding Codes in XATR Archive that carries DFn category programming. You can Modify the parameters there.

    For further details contact me at my email address!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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