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MAIO Issue

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    Hi All,

    Can I define random maio for cell in eric system.

    eg 666 site

    Cell A 0,11,2,13,4
    Cell B 5,1,7,3,9
    Cell C 10,6,12,8,14

    I know that there are too many hits in this maio plan… but I have only 15 freq,,, hence this is the max. I can d.

    Please reply soon..



    you have 15 MA frequencies to put on a site which contains 15 SFH TRX’s ? This is mad !! There is going to be a terrible call drop rate, due to adjacent channel interference (probably uplink, mostly)

    you should remove 7 TRX’s if you want good QoS 🙂


    Hi Pix,
    I think it is possible to have 10 TRXs per cell.
    3 TRXs just carry BCCH in the separated Channel Group number 0 without hopping and 7 TRXs can be shared between 3 sectors with SFH e.g. configuration can be 3+4+3.
    Please note to this formula:
    “number of frequencies in the HFS” >= 2*(number of TRXs in the CHGR)



    alex, yes, i was talking about SFH TRX, hence not taking into account the “bcch” trx.

    the actual rule, in SFH 1×1, is to have nb of “tch” TRX < 12% * nb of MA frequencies. otherwise the soft blocking is going to be over the top ! in "MAIO"'s situation, i strongly recommend a BBH solution, not SFH.

    ali abbas

    how the priority of MAIO is decided.Where is SFH and Baseband are used.


    I think it´s possible to have 15-Freq MAL for 15 SFH-TRXs, but your must create a MAL with non-consecutive ARFCNs to avoid collisions.. (if you have enough #channels, obviously).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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