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    Hi all,

    The operator name is displayed on the screen of MS.

    I want to know this is done?

    Whether the same is broadcast on BCCCH or CBCH?


    It is stored in SIM?


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    as far as i know, it is stored in the SIM card.

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    Hi, MKT!
    There are three cases. VPLMN operator name may be displayed from (in priority order):
    1) SIM;
    2) ME;
    3) NITZ info element on BCCH.

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    Hi PAN

    You said..
    NITZ info element on BCCH.

    what is NITZ?

    Can we modify the operator name on NITZ??


    Can we change the can we make NITZ(??) as the first priority instead of SIM?

    One question…what is the logic for defining priorities?

    My initial query is in the context that now a days it is common for global players to acquire local operators. But even after takeover the name continue to be the same as of earlier operator..!



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    Hello MKT!
    1)I was mistaken when I said that NITZ is on BCCH. It is carried in MM_info message on dedicated mode.
    2)NITZ – is Network Identification and Time Zone. Yes you can modify it in BSS.
    3)You can not change the priority order because it is specified in 3gpp 22.101. The only way to resolve your problem is old SIM by new SIM (with new operator name) replacement.
    Regards, Pan

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    Hi MKT,
    The operator name is dependent of handset. The intresting fact is every phone manufactured will have the list of mobile operators available all over the world along with the MNC or network code. The procedure to find in Sony ericsson phones is Menu->settings->connectivity->mobile networks->preferred network->new network.

    Here u can see names of all operators in the world. whenever u enter a roaming area, the name will be displayed according to the MCC-MNC available there. Hope this clarifies.

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    it is in the SIM, which is programmed at the time of manufacturing the SIM.

    Vodaphone acquires Hutch in India. But the older SIM still displays the TEXT in the select neighbours option of handset as Hutch, whereas the new SIM’s which are coming ti the market after the takeover took place, displays the same NCC/MCC/MNC or whatever key is the input is generating the output as Vodaphone instead of hutch.


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    Hi Mkt,
    I agree with you. Can u provide any supporting document to support. I found in GSM spec. release 02.07 and GSM 11.11 . In that it has mentioned that the name of the operator is defined in SIM. But in case of roaming, what could be the exact condition. If it is in SIM, is it possible to burn the list of world mobile operator names in each SIM during its manufacturing procedure. Kindly clarify

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    If there is no operator name on SIM, then from ME.
    Otherwise – from NITZ info.
    If there is no NITZ info, then MCC MNC is displayed from BCCH.

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    Actually, the operator name is stored in the simcard and also the mobile phone vendors upload these network names to the phones. Some of the simcards capacity are very small like 16k capacity so I am not sure whether it can carry all these operator names and codes. If the MCC+MNC is different from the HPLMN then the network name saved in the mobile phone will be displayed if the name is not stored in the mobile phone you will see the MCC+MNC on the mobile screen.
    In roaming scenario, you will see the HPLMN and VPLMN network names changing to and fro but it will finally reside on the VPLMN network names.

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