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Repeater Problem with Huawei Node B

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    I’m a telecom engineer. I’ve installed a repeater to cover a certain area. The node B for this repeater is huawei.However even if Ec/Io is 3,Rx level 1s around -75dBm to -45dBm at the intended area to cover,i cant established calls.Without repeater, i can set-up voice and video call.Then i tried to pan my donor to other networks which i know is not using huawei as Node B and my repeater works well. I’m asking if huawei node B’s are capable of having repeaters. I dont thing I have a problem with my repeater bec it works well with Nokia and Ericson Node Bs.Please help.


    hi freakturd,

    perhaps there is not enough isolation between your huawei node B and the area you want to cover, whereas there is enough isolation with other node B’s (ericsson, nokia) ?

    I’m not a 3G expert, so excuse me if i’m wrong, but an Ec/Io = 3 sounds really bad.

    Well, i can’t help much, but i hope someone else can. Otherwise, you could just ask for huawei support about this.


    Did you check the frequency and BW of the filter of the repeater. What can you tell about the AGC when you make a call from huawei and from Ericsson/Nokia.
    wath is the vendor of the repeater?
    I agree with pix that the EC/IO = 3 is not a good value for voice calls. But you can do data with this value


    Hi Pix,
    Thanks for your reply.

    I just want to share you these things and try to make your comments and recommendation.

    Without any repeater, there’s a certain area in my intended coverage where i can established call but Rx level is too low.(around -87dBm to -95dBm).BTW my area is a 2-Story House.

    1. With the repeater “on”, (both HPA UL/DL of the repeater on), 0% CSSR.
    2. I’ve tried to turn off my HPA UL and I was able to established call set-up.This is because the node B handle my call.As I walked to the first level of the house,wherein there was no signal coverage,I was dropped.Maybe because my uplink power was not enough.DL power is no problem becuase my HPA DL is still on.

    3.With still my HPA UL off to set-up call,I walked to the first floor.This time i turned the HPA UL on just before i reached the area where i was dropped and for this time no dropped off were experienced 100 percent of the time I was engaged with the call.

    My only problem now is the call set-up with the repeater on with Huawei because with other Node Bs there was no problem. With regards to isolation between my donor and service antennas,I don’t think I have a problem.I’ve tried adjusting gain settings,to the point having minimum gain just to overcome isolation.

    What do you mean isolation between the node B and the area i will cover, is this the the air distance? With this I’m not quite sure how far. Maybe 1-2km.
    Do you have any idea what is the suggested distance between a repeater site and node B site.



    Hi Ater,

    Yes, I have cheked all the parameters of the repeater. Im just puzzled now why with other node B vendors there was no problem with call set-up.just with huawei.
    Once I have set-up the call through node B, there will be no problem even if i will turned on the uplink HPA.Just read my observations below and make your recommendations also.
    The vendor is china based. Here in our country Ec/Io of 1-4 is a very good Ec/Io.


    There must be wall kind of isolation between repeater antenna and the Node B or they should not be in the same hieght there should be hieght difference between two. Also you have to check the antenna spec for how much power will go behind the antenna. according to that you can keep the distance between repeater antenna and node B.


    Thanks for your response.
    I’ve talked to one of the NOC staff of the telecom operator concerned and said that there is a certain box in the Huawei GUI for repeater that is unchecked.
    Do you think this is the reason. I suspect now that the Huawei node B for this site is not yet intended to have repeater interface.
    This is the first time that this operator will have a repeater in their network and actually it is the first time they found this problem.
    Do you think Huawei node B supports already repeater installation to their network, or there’s a problem with the power control for huawei nobe Bs.



    Did anyone already installed huawei node Bs?

    How was your experienced when repeaters were installed to their networks?

    Please share any experience.



    I have a Huawei 3-sector Node B with 6 E1 interfaces. Does this imply 2 IMA groups per sector?


    No. There is no correlation between the number of E1s to the number of sectors.

    “I have a Huawei 3-sector Node B with 6 E1 interfaces. Does this imply 2 IMA groups per sector?”


    hi, my huawei Node B detected alarm “Cell unavailable alarm” and found
    both site intermittently having VS.Cell.UnavailTime.OM and low RRC CS SR.please help

    james komu kinyua

    i am new in the field of telecom especially in node b, how can i get to know your products.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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