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Unidirectional Call

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    Hi All,

    I am facing problem of unidirectional calls & most of the time ongoing calls get mute/silent for few secs..restore afterwards.

    Can anyone help me..

    Pix & Peyo can u suggest me someting…

    Thanxs in advance..



    that kind of issue are quiet difficult to investigate because they oftenly have vendors dependencies or third part vendor dependencies (links issues). CAn you detail a little bit more the issue. Is it white spread behavior or only a few sites? Are these calls EFR, AMR, HR? Did you check transcoding side ? from my point of view, if this issue is not widespread it can be a simple Harware issue on transcoding side (or NSS side).


    Thanxs Peyo for replying….

    Yes this kind of issue is in some sites but in differnt BSC’s…
    This issue is like a ongoing call gets silent for some time and again get restored ..again silent ..again restored…
    although i had chked the hardware is ok .
    yes AMR and HR is also implemented in the network..
    Can u suggest me the reports from which i can chk the transcoding site..
    Also i want to add that i m working with NOKIA platform.



    I don’t know Nokia BSS architecture to really help but if you have a loss of TRAU Frames (voice) trancoding elements should be able to detect that and raise an alarm or event.

    I’ve allready faced that kind of issue and it can be really difficult to investigate. If you cannot identify any common thing between these more or less silent calls it can be become a nightmare. If the issue is really widespread (i mean all BSCs have some site/cells showing the issue) directly ask Nokia support team to help you.

    some more question:

    – how did you notice this issue (customer complain, Qvoice measurment…)?

    – Any software upgrade? (BSS and NSS)

    – Are you using DTX (DL and/or UL)?

    Slt call

    already I got like this problem in one of the sites, Performance is perfect but already I got No. of Complaints from there, any help will be appreciate!!!!
    Hint: H/W is checked with out finding any problem!!!!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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