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    hi guy
    if one help me to know the difference between MSCS & MGW


    hi the Msc is the main switch witch swtchs speesh calls only but if thers is any other kind of data (packet switching for exemple)we need to pass from other equipements thus we go via the MGW of the packet switching
    we use the media gateway to go for un other network like pstn…etc.

    i hope i answered your question


    what is difference between mgw and mss’s

    can u explain brifely

    Manish Arora

    This is Release4 version of 3gpp project.

    Also called Distributed MSC.

    bearer and control part are different
    MGW is bearer part and MSC is control part.
    Whole physical connectivity is done with mgw and mgw resources are controled by MSC

    Interface between MSC and mgw is Mc interface having megaco/h248 protocol

    Wallis Dudhnath

    Just a follow on to all the excellent answers.

    Before 3GPP Release 4 the traditional MSC/VLRs handled both
    Signalling and Payload traffic. It was essential a combined function node.

    To help with the evolution of GSM (Global System for Mobiles)
    to 3G (e.g. WCDMA(Spread-Spectrum) a layered architecture approach is used
    where the traditional MSC/VLRs is “repurposed” to a Softswitch. This implies that
    the MSC/VLR does not have a “switching fabric”. Instead, it handles pure signalling traffic.

    With 3G, MSS – (MSC Server System or Mobile Soft-Switch) – is now
    the repurposed MSC/VLR. Next step is to have a node to address the Payload traffic from TDM, etc..

    This node is called the Media Gateway (MGw).

    MSS communicates with another MSS via BICC (combination of CS-2 and ISUP). MSS uses H.248 to communicate with the MGw.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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