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BSIC decoding

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    Good day to all.
    I have a question about BCCH-BSIC decoding in busy mode.Can it be that MS decodes BSIC incorectlly so that HO access burst are sent to improper candidate?


    i might be wrong, but i think the bsic has to be decoded at least every 30s for each neighbor.

    Assumptions :
    If there is serving cell with adjacencies including target 1 (bcch=10, bsic=00) and target 2(bcch=10, bsic=02)

    If the MS measures target 1 but decodes bsic=00 as bsic=02

    If the target 1 is the best candidate for the next HO

    Then in this case, the BSC will actually command a HO towards target 2.

    IT’s a lot of “if”, but it is possible. Now, how come a MS would misdecode a BSIC ? I think this can occur in case of very bad interference on target 1’s BCCH.


    Da Architect

    MS doesn’t decode wrongfully the BSIC in busy mode. HO access burst are sent to improper candidate when you have wrong BSIC plan.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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