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Faulty TRX

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    Hi all,

    If a TRX/TRU in cell goes faulty, then the BTS/BSC immediately blocks it.
    If due to any reason we cannot replace the TRX then:

    1) Will there be any bad effect on radio quality due to that TRX.?
    If Yes,

    Then why? Since the TRX is already blocked by BTS/BSC is that TRX is still transmitting something(say residual signal)

    2) If an O&M person from BSC blocks the said faulty TRX then,

    Will the latter case will be somewhat better then former?



    it depends,if the TRX goes faulty, means it is out of service[off],then this TRX will not transmit any thing, it only cause congesstion or blocking, but if the TRX is powered up but its effeciency is degraded then it will cause problems like call drops etc, and even if a TRX is been blocked by the O&M person then it will certainey result in loss of TCH or blocking this is wat happens with Alcatel/Motorola, for other vendors i cant say any thing.hope it helps.


    the fact that the BSC blocks the faulty trx is quite interesting… it doesn’t work this way in alcatel bsc.

    if a trx is blocked, by o&m or by bsc, there shouldn’t be any degradation of kpi’s, except tch congestion and incoming ho rejected due to congestion. it would also impact gprs establishments and throughputs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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