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Country Border Roaming Issue

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    Dear, ParaHo.
    I seem, that you mixed two different notions:
    ‘a MS geografical location’ and
    ‘a MS network location’
    I may reffered you to subclause 6.12 Network selection in border areas 3GPP TR 22.811 (release 7), where this problem depicted.
    with regards, Pan.


    Dear Pan and Pix
    Thanks so much for the replies.

    Pan I hadn’t but now I have read 6.12 for 3G and agree it says what you have said. 🙂


    The international roamers from my neighbouring country do not camp on my network when they cross over to my country. Mine is a 2G network meanwhile my competitor is a dual 2G/WCDMA network. I did a drive test with roaming sims at the border and noticed that the roamers prone to camp on 3G network here. Why is it so?


    Dear Shini,
    It is like that, and 3G networks are prioritized over 2G networks. I faced a similar case where I colocated a 3G site with a 2G site at the airport and I noticed that I’m able to capture more roamers than all operators becuase of 3G network availability.



    there are some parameters stored in the SIM card, and one of them might prioritize 3G over 2G.
    those parameters are changeable by the initial operator, before the card is sold (basically, they implement the parameters when they “tune” the SIM card with their parameters (IMSI, PLMN, etc) )


    could you advise further on the 3G network availability

    any idea what parameter in the sim card?

    where do I find more notes/info on this

    June Nguyen

    Timer for return to HPLMN

    If the MS in Automatic Mode has selected and registered on a VPLMN of its home country, it shall make
    periodic attempts to return to its HPLMN.

    The interval between attempts shall be stored in the SIM. Only the service provider shall be able to set the
    timer value. The timer shall have a value between 6 minutes and 8 hours, with a step size of 6 minutes.
    One value shall be designated to indicate that no periodic attempts shall be made.

    In the absence of a permitted value in the SIM, or the SIM is phase 1 and therefore does not contain the
    datafield, then a default value of 30 minutes, shall be used by the MS.

    This timer set at SIM memory, i am not sure it change be change from operator

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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