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    In dive test I have found in some special case where mobile cannot decodes BSIC but Rx Level is satisfactory. At this condition handover and cell selection donot occur.Can anyone help me regarding this matter?


    What about C/I there?


    the BA list contains the list of neighbor BCCH frequencies, for instance 4 neighbours = 12, 15, 21, 26

    during drivetest in the serving cell, the ms listens to these 4 frequencies continously.
    Now imagine the situation where the ms enters an area, where it receives a frequency ’26’, but this freq belongs to a TCH from another distant cell actually. In this situation, there is no BSIC to decode.



    Are you sure TEMS shows rxlev of every BA list frequency whether it is a BCCH or not? Till now my concept is that TEMS only shows the RXLEV of a frequency where it finds FCH and SCH and that is a BCCH.


    Hi All,

    yes indeed this is a strange situation.

    The check on BSIC should perforrmed every 30 sec only !

    From 45.008:
    The MS shall attempt to check the BSIC for each of the 6 strongest non-serving cell BCCH carriers at least every
    30 seconds, to confirm that it is monitoring the same cell. If a change of BSIC is detected then the carrier shall be
    treated as a new carrier and the BCCH data re-determined.


    Well,so far I know this type of situation occcurs when there is strong interference. Thats why Bilal asked for C/I. Its impossible to find C/I of that cell as it will never be a serving cell untill its BSIC is decoded. I appreciate Pix for nice concept of TCH. But it is not possible bcause the site is almost standalone. Besides this some other problems arise in that site.

    1.Handover not occured considering HOM=69
    2.Call establishment problem
    3.T3126 expired

    So I think the problem lies in Hardware may be combiner or CU.



    Can you check ICM stats for the site? It can give you a clue if interference is the problem.


    The problem usually occurs if that target BCCH is interfered. Since MS has to listen to that BCCH and send the decoded BSIC. If two neighbours closeby have the same BCCH with different BSIC then MS shall either not be able to decode bsic or show two different BSICs at different locations near sites.
    If BSIC is not decoded / BSIC is decoded other than the one specified in the Neighbour list HO shall not be trigerred.


    If it can help instead of problem at receiver it may be transmitted… what if it not decoding problem but sent bsic identity at fault?

    Just making thoughts…



    Analyzing this problem we found that pcm link is flucktuated 36 times in one hour. May be this is the problem as all hardwares are ok and no database inconsistency found.


    I am unable to link PCM fluctuation with BSIC problem. Any thoughts?


    Probably at the time of flucktuation BSIC is not decoded


    hi all, actually one of our customer find a similar problem that after all the PCM link is down they got the signal of that BTS in the neighbor list, sometimes with & sometimes without BSIC. They forced to clamp that cell from MS and tried to make call from that but couldn’t.
    thats why I m trying to relate this BSIC problem with PCM fluctuation.

    Any explanation to this scenerio!


    I have an experience before that with cases of fluctuating PCM link (Abis), there was and alarm generated in the BSC indicating SDCCH congestion. This was in Nokia BSCs.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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