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BTS Power Control

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    Supose Dynamic BTS PC is active in a cell.Which one is correct?
    -Power levels are the same for all Active MS’s at the same time.
    -Power Levels are different for each Active MS at the same time?
    I maen if there is two active MSs,one near the site and one is far,will the BTS send equal power level to them?
    If YES (it is different),could you please explain how can the BTS do it for all active MSs at the same time?



    BTS power control works in such a way that all MS will measure the same RxLev from the BTS.
    For instance, all MS receives -85dBm.

    For example
    For a MS near the site, BTS puts an attenuation of 30dB on the DL TS allocated to this MS.
    for a MS far away from the site : the BTS puts -10dB attenuation
    for a MS very far away : the BTS puts 0dB attenuation (= full Tx Power)

    Each TS is therefore sent with a different power. Yes, the BTS is able to modify the Tx Power timeslot per timeslot, for each TRX independently.

    Woaw, that’s a tough job 🙂


    BTS adapts its DL transmission power level on each channel (combination of timeslot and subslot) depending on the quality/level perceived by the MS staying on that channel. No DL power control is executed on the BCCH Trx.


    Suppose the number of TCH frequencies is less than 15 (SFH and DTX are used).
    What is the optimum value for Ericsson power control parameters?
    Is it better to depend down regulation as a quality or signal strengh?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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