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Intracell handover

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    If we are using RF hopping….we have TRX same ….TS is same….but the frequency of TRX is getting changed every at frame. But in case of intracell handover TS is changed.


    1. what has forced the intracell handover to occur.

    2. The TS can be of other TRX in a cell or same TRX is compulsary.



    hello MKT,

    you should give the brand of the equipment…

    1. intracell HO is usually due to
    a- high RXLEV but poor RXQUAL
    b- or, change of codec (AMR HR->FR or AMR FR->HR)
    c- or, change of timeslots to make room for GPRS’s PDCH
    d- or, change of zones in a concentric cell
    e- or, other proprietaries causes of handovers (extended cells, TFO, etc)

    The causes (a) and (d) are the most common, and they will normally lead to a change of TRX.
    For cause (a), if there is no other TRX available, the TCH will be sent to another TS of the same TRX.
    Other causes : the new TS can be in same TRX or other TRX, there is probably no rule there (depends on vendor)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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