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Traffic Carried v Traffic Offered

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    Bill Routt

    If only the quantity of traffic carried is known, is there an acceptable (conservative) method of extrapolating the actual traffic offered?

    Jose Quintero


    If not acceptable,because they are different values.

    The traffic offered, could be understand as , the maximun trafic that one LInk can provide to users.

    The traffic carried, means the behavior of the usesr (Making a call during a period time). or the trafiic carried in one cne link

    Then you can have this statement.
    TC= Traffic carried
    TO= Traffic Offered

    1.- The TC could be TO

    Becasue whe you overpass the traffic offered you will have call lost in the system.



    Vicenç Ripoll

    Traffic offered = traffic carried + traffic blocked.
    With the number of links and the traffic carried you can evaluate the traffic offered with the inverse formula of Erlang B. But if the system retries the blocked calls then you need the inverse extended formula.


    Deji Adewoye

    You can only evaluate traffic offered with inverse Erlang B if the blocking is exclusively radio resource blocking ie you assume there is no blocking due to call processing failures.
    The most accurate way,in my opinion,is to calculate offered traffic= carried traffic/1-Blocking(0.0001 to 0.9999)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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