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Traffic balancing parameter 900& 1800

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    Dear All,

    I have an issue with traffic balance between 900 & 1800 cells as we have just started the deployment of ZTE GSM 1800 BTS in our network.

    Can anyone please assist me with what parameters to modify to achieve this goal?

    My idea is that the MS is camped on 900 cells in idle mode and also do call setup,but immediately handover the call to the 1800 cell.

    Thanks for your recommendations.



    i won’t be able to help on your exact parameters, because i’ve never worked with ZTE before, but i can give you a strategy :

    – MS favour camping on 1800 cells (Cell reselect offset of 1800 cells should be between +4dB and +10dB, compared to 900 cells)

    – MS that sets up a call in 900 cells should perform a HO towards 1800 cells if possible (using a “push” handover), as soon as a 1800 cells is above a certain “capture” threshold (usually between -75dBm and -80dBm)

    – Better cell HO between 1800 cells and 900 cells (and vice versa) should be disabled (to avoid ping pong)

    – MS in a 1800 cells shall be able to exit safely to a 900 cells, by using an emergency HO as a “exit HO”. Therefore you need to use the DL HO on low RxLev with a value between -85dBm and -90dBm. You should have a difference of about 10 dB between the capture threshold 900–>1800 (i.e. -75dBm) and the exit threshold 1800–>900 (i.e. -85dBm).

    Hope that helps,




    Which BSC version are you using is it BSCV2.8 or the iBSC? I have some experience on ZTE, can you post your current parameters:
    1)Cell reselection PI
    2)CRO for 1800 and 900
    3)Temporary Offset
    4)Penalty time
    5)The Rxlev of the serving 900 and the target 1800 after the handover


    5) The Rxlev of the serving 900 and the target 1800 after the handover

    –> that’s not a parameter…


    “5) The Rxlev of the serving 900 and the target 1800 after the handover

    –> that’s not a parameter…”
    Yes I know:), I mistakenly gave a number(5) but I just want to know the rxlev of each cell either b4 or after the handover.

    anup kumar rath

    Please describe the method of calculating the timeslot resource needed on Abis interface in BSCV2?


    Good day

    I have the following config:

    CellReselPI – 1
    CRO – 0
    Temporary offset – 0
    PenaltyTime,20s – 0

    CellReselPI – 0
    CRO – 5
    Temporary offset – 1
    PenaltyTime,20s – 0

    Arvind Siwach

    hello Emmanuel ,

    i have facing issue with ZTE ibsc that all secind subcell traffic 1800 shifted to 900 . not able to find any mismatch on bsc . can you please feedback what have you got from last posts .

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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