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MAIO (Ericsson System)

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    Does the order of MAIO affect in hopping?
    e.g. Is there any different between MAIO={0,4,9} and MAIO={4,9,0} or they are the same?


    MAIO determines the start of the frequency of a TRX in a cell. So, only the start will be effected.

    For the MAIO’s below, both of them works, but attention should be given to neighbor cells. Plz make sure that there is no frequency clash is occurred.



    maio={0,4,9} means that 1st radio (in the channel group in question) will use MAIO=0; 2nd radio will use MAIO=4; 3rd radio will use MAIO=9. the combination of MAIO, HSN, length of HFS will determine the unique hopping sequence of the freqs (in the HFS) for every radio. each radio will have a unique sequence because each radio has a unique MAIO. So when change your MAIO LIST TO {4,9.0}, we still have the same hopping sequences but applied to different radios. for instance, in MAIO={04,9}, the sequence resulting from MAIO=4 applies to the second radio, while in MAIO={4,9,0}, the same sequence associated with MAIO=4 is now applied to 1st radio. i hope i did not confuse u. read ALEX, it is helpful.


    Please, i am new comer in RNE service,i would like to know what MAIO we can have if the site configuration is S111? Help me please.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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