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Samsung SGH-E250 IMEI

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    In the Ericsson MSC/VLR cdrs the Samsung SGH-E250 IMEI does not show, does anybody has an idea why and how to solve it?

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    Is the network requesting the MS IMEI?

    Has the MS sent its IMEI

    Does the MS have an IMEI in a format recognised by the network?


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    Please check the VLR and see if all the subscriber’s IMEI is recorded in the VLR table, if not then the MSC is not requesting the IMEI from the MS. if you can see all the other IMEI in the VLR table then try to query one MSISDN who is using the samsung phone, if still you can not see the IMEI then there might some problem. There are two formats of MS equipment that is The IMEI (14 digits plus check digit) or IMEISV (16 digits) so please check if both types are recognized by your network.


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    Yes the MSC does request for the IMEI and its only this type of phone that doesnt show in the CDRs.As for the IMEI type,the samsung has a 16 digit and a quick check shows that there are other 16 digit IMEI handsets that show in the CDRs so there must be another problem or is there a third new format ?

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    Doka I can’t recall where I heard it but I remember from maybe 2 or 3 years ago a similar matter where the VLR, MSC, TAP couldn’t log the IMEI for a particular mobile.

    Two problems were found:

    1) the mobile sent its IMEI but coded in a format the network couldn’t understand. I think at that time particular areas of a network had not implemented updates to a number of MSCs/VLRs.

    2) the other problem was the BS subsystem could forward the unknown IMEI format through the network as the format was unknown. This might be a reason why MSC/VLR and not seeing the IMEI.

    This is just a suggestion as you mention the MSC/VLR are detecting other IMEIs of different makes/models

    Recently two Nokias, N95 and 8800 Scirocco were found not to display IMEI following *#06#. Tests are being run to see whether the mobiles are transmitting IMEI.

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    Sorry for 2) it should read “could not forward the unknown IMEI format”

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    Amol PAtil

    My samsung sgh E-250 mobiles IMEI is show 000000 PLEASE tell me How to add

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    My samsung sgh e250i cnn’t found network

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    In the Ericsson MSC/VLR cdrs the Samsung SGH-E250i IMEI does not show, does anybody has an idea why and how to solve it? or network not?

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    do you see that IMEI associated to that specific Samsung subscriber when you list registered subscriber in MSC/VLR? If yes,there is something internal problem in creation of CDR , if No , even subscriber send IMEI your Network cant understand it and put it as an Unknown Sub then I think if you are not allowed to Unknown IMEI to be updated they cant be even registered to Network.
    I suggest you to force subscriber to perform location update (Delete it form VLR) then trace MS and try to find MAP_SERVICE_CNF and see what is it indicating–> unknown equipment, Illegal ME or it is White. At least at this point you know what happened between MS – MSC – EIR
    another feasible matter , verify EIR GT whether it is defined properly or not( I know it is rare to happen 😉 )

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    Given mamphaga

    My network and gprs are not go to internet but open know

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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