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    Dear All,
    Even if the C/I is good, why there is high BLER. How can we reduce BLER? Thank you


    Good C/I with bad BLER… it tends to lead to the conclusion that the TRE is faulty.

    How good is your C/I ?
    Which modulation scheme are you using ?


    C/I is more than 30 and when the BLER is high then it C/I goes down to 20. We are using EDGE.
    MCS1-MSC4 -> GMSK
    MCS5-MCS9 -> 8PSK
    Can you give some idea on TRE. What actually is TRE? Thank you


    TRE is the transceiver/receiver in the BTS (the TRX). it’s carrying 8 timeslots..

    C/I of 20dB is not so good for 8PSK, especially in MCS7, 8 or 9. With such values, it can be normal to see a high BLER. What BLER do you see at C/I 20dB ?


    In SIEMENS we basically used term TRX. So we are little bit confused in TRE. Now we got it.Well the BLER is 25. In my experience I have never face such problems like the reduction in C/I while using EDGE. Is it likely that the C/I gets reduced while using EDGE in MCS-9?


    Ok, what you’re saying now is really different than what you said before…

    As soon as the transfer goes to MCS9, you see that the C/I decreases ? What happen if you force the MAX MCS to MCS7 ? The C/I is better ?
    In theory, there is no link between the C/I and the MCS : the C/I is the same whichever the MCS.

    But in MCS9 you much more sensitive to low C/I. I recall that MCS9 works perfectly at C/I > 29dB. So 20dB is not good enough 🙂 BLER = 25% ? That’s very bad…


    Dear Pix,
    Yes there is no link between C/I and Coding Scheme. Regarding forcing to MCS7 the C/I must be same but however we have not check for that. According to drive test team it was said that the C/I decreases after BLER occur. May be we got the wrong information from the drive test team or may be the C/I was fluctuating. Thank you for your co-operation.


    Be careful with your drive test equipment : the way they compute the C/I may be based on the BLER. It might not be a “real” C/I.

    What is MCS??

    Can you tell me what is MCS please??

    Huawei RF

    MCS: modulation and coding schemes

    Nine modulation
    and coding schemes (MCSs) are proposed for enhanced packet data communications,providing raw RLC data rates ranging from 8.8 Kbps (minimum value per time slot under the worst radio propagation conditions) up to 59.2 Kbps (maximum value achievable per time slot under the best radio propagation conditions). Data rates above 17.6 Kbps require that 8-PSK modulation be used on the air instead of the regular GMSK modulation.
    EDGE for Mobile Internet, 2003 ARTECH HOUSE, Emmanuel Seurre.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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