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Switch Planning for GSM

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    Harshvadan Jani

    Hi sudhir
    what is LTG?
    as such i work with Ericsson Swtich so i dont have any idea with the term LTG.
    Harshvadan Jani

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    Hi Jani,

    LTG its a siemens terminology, for Line Trunk Group.

    DIU OR DSL: Digital interface Unit : is the interface where the actual E1s are terminated

    Four DIU are connected to One LTG card.Siemens switch has a maximum of 256 LTG. that means u can have 256*4=1024 number of E1s terminated in a single switch.

    I hope i have cleared u r doubt.

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    Harshvadan Jani

    Thanks Sudhir for explaining the term LTG.

    with best rgds,
    Harshvadan Jani

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    hie Harshvadan Jani
    Our switch is an Erricson AXE10 .
    On VAS(Value Added Services) we use a comverse ISMSC. I am looking forward to develop sms based VAS services for my company. I also want software for the SMPP interface on the ISMSC-please help!.If you can give me information on how I can dimension all the elements of the switch(ecpool,ETCs towards the PSTN, ETCs towards BSC,C7 links,CSK-D,AST-DR,CCDs,etc.I also want information on capacity planning,traffic measurements,etc.

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    Is there any body who can explain me about E1 & PCM.


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    Hi Nitin

    PCM is pulse code modulation.It converts anlog signal into digital signal. The sampling frequency is 8000hz, that is to say u have 8000 samples per second(this process is called as sampling). each sample is represented by 8bits(Quantising and coding).PCM30 or E1, has 32time slots and each time slot is of 64kbits/sec so the transmission rate for one PCM-30 is 2048kbits/sec.

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    Thanx Sudhir,

    But can you explain that what is the meaning of like we have applied to BSNL for 8E1 for local & 4E1 for TAX. How many subscribers One E1 can handle?
    & in 1 PCM cable how many E1 can be accomodate?

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    Hi Jani,

    BSNL is the gateway to external world.All ur STD and ISD calls are routed through BSNL. when u have asked for 8E1s from BSNL that means ur exchange will be connected to the gateway at BSNL through 8 pysical links.These links are physical trunks connected between ur exchange and BSNL. 1PCM cable will carry only one E1. As i said earlier one E1 has 32timeslots, out of which 2 timeslots are used for signalling and rest 30 timeslots are used as traffic chanels. so one E1 can carry 30 speech channel at a time.

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    Mehmet Beyaz

    Hi Guys,

    For any questions about NSS and BSS planning I can help.

    Mehmet Beyaz
    Do not hesitated to contact me if you have further questions

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    I am fresher under motorola training in gsm fundas , sys 02, sys 04,CDMA and Gnl 070
    and am currently assigned to Switching by Motorola on BSNL project in India.

    Can anyone help me out with some material on Siemens Switch in MSC

    Vasanth Mohan Manchi

    #33763 Reply

    I am working as digital switcing installation engineer,can u give reply that .what is GSM system ,and type of method for designing passive/active reflector.2 what is access net ,give its types and where we can use and how it is working for subscriber.

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    Hi Sudhir

    As u told that u can help in the field of RF.So will u please let me know about Frequency Hopping.


    #33765 Reply

    What is the meaning of E1 for TAX & E1 for Local.

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    Van 14 _9_2002

    Hello Sudhir !!!
    I am working in Telecomunication copany in VietNam .
    Could you help me some thing?
    1 -diversity antenna (in mobile comunication )
    2- about antenna (type ,confige,characterictic …)
    3 -what is cross antenna ?
    4- How to install antenna (for Base Tranciever Station )
    send me detail ok!
    thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi Nitin,
    E1 means the European standard of Primary Carrier Multiplex (PCM), T1 (American) and J1 (Japanese). E1 has 32 timeslots (TS) out of which 2 TS carry Signalling and Sync. Each Channel carries 64kbps of Pulse Code Modulated (PCM) voice.
    TAX (Trunk Automatic eXchange) is a higher hierarchy of the switch, which usually carries STD calls from one region to other.
    And Now E1 for TAX is the E1 PCM which is connected directly to TAX, and E1 local is …

    Hope this helps….

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