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Litterature on mathematical models

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    I am interested in tips on litterature on mathematical models on e.g. this:
    I have estimates for TIS & TRP respectively for some different environments for two different phone models. I know network performance for one of the phones, and want to calculate network performance for the second phone model. How does a lower TIS & TRP (sensitivity and transmitted power) in a cell phone affect the performance in a network environoment, e.g. more dropped calls, decreased setup call success etc.

    Any tips on relevant books etc are highly appreciated.


    it depends :

    do you have a good overlap with neighbor cells or not ? if you’re in a city, with high gsm coverage, having a phone with low TIS/TRP will probably not impact the KPI.

    if you’re in a rural area, designed in such a way that at the cell border you’re having “critical” radio conditions (just before making HO to neighbor), then the impact of TIS and TRP is high.

    You’ll measure : more call drop rate, less ho success rate, more emergency ho rate (on low dl signal strentgh, or low ul sign str.), less tch traffic in the cell, and also :
    more sdcch assign failure rate
    lower average RXLEV in the cell
    less power control adaptation (the average BTS power attenuation and MS power attenuation will be a bit less than before)

    that’s about it…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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