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    no ! the GAMMA & ALPHA don’t work this way at all (or maybe you didn’t explain it clearly enough for me).

    please refer to the formula i posted a few posts before.

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    Hello, all!!
    Hello, Pix!
    I just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    I faced the problem described below (low TBF_est_successful_rate_UL for all cells in BSC, when in DL everything was OK). During 4 days for 6 BSCs enormous GPRS KPI degradation was detected (all BSCs had same symptoms). We performed all usual manipulations, but – in vain (also reset GPUs, even changing them).
    We were ready to initiate FaultReport to our TAC, but then I’ve decided to find something in…
    … After deactivating PC for GPRS (set ALPHA to 0 and GAMMA to 0) our problem was solved!!!!


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    I hope that your team will build a statue in my honour, right in the middle of your office :))

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    hi guys
    what i got from this whole discussion that you guys have set the alpha & gamma incorrectly.i dont know,but have u checked for any bsc level gps pc parametrs.
    i’ve worked in ericson,nokia,huawe,zte & motorola systems(except alu),but never found such a solution

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    ALU system is rather temperamental, and some problems have a weird solution sometimes 🙂
    you can set alpha and gamma correctly, it works for years. Then suddenly, a BSC shows UL TBF estab failures. Only way to decrease it (quickly) is to disable alpha and gamma.

    there’s magic in the air…

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    Hello, Pix!
    Hello, Bijoi!
    Bijoi, as Pix said it’s “unusual” solution, but it really works! Today I’ve changed back ALPHA and GAMMA but problem hasn’t appeared again 🙂 such a little trick!

    … yes, Pix, on a pedestal just in the middle of our main office. And every morning all engineers from operational department will pray at it with words: “bless us to work with ALU HW, give us defense from Misalignments and VSWR etc….”
    Before difficult and especially danger works (like moving BSC from MSC to MSC or something like this 🙂 we’ll make sacrifice (oh, what kind would you prefer?) to propitiate formidable prophet 🙂
    What do you think? :)))
    I wouldn’t be surprised that after such actions our network will work better 🙂 As you said, ALU equipment is “rather temperamental” 🙂

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    A good sacrifice… mmm… burn a Huawei BTS every morning 🙂

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    hi all ,

    am a NOC enginner , could you plz explain more about alpha & gamma, where i can find them , and what a recomended value for them?
    our vendor is huawei & ZTE.


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    Good morning Pix

    … two huawei BTS and two huawei sales managers every morning 🙁

    …yesterday they persented “grandiose” project for our company – swap BSS from Alcatel/Siemens to huawei … hr-r-r …
    Fortunately they got a unambiguous refusal yesterday, but their persistent was very irritating
    so – 2 BTS + 2 managers :))))

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    That’s good news 😉 By the way, a GSM trainer will come give a training to your company next year. But that won’t be me…

    I understood that 3G is on the way in your company ?

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    Good evening, Pix!

    Oh, we’re looking forward to this training :)))) Very very pity that it won’t be you…
    But things may change 🙂 I hope that it will happen and we we’ll have possibility to say “thanks a million” to you personally :))))

    Yes, we’ve started deploying 3G-network (1xEVDO as CDMA-450) on Alcatel-Lucent equipment :)))

    Have a nice evening!
    …in Alcatel we trust…

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    Hello, all

    I am facing the problem of high downlnk data and signal TBF failure.

    Formula defined for TBF Failure is : TBF Abnormal Release / TBF Establish.

    Pls recommend what i need to do.

    Also pls tell me about the power control strategy (Open, Closed and Quality based)

    Best Regards

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    Hello Master

    I still have problem many cell.
    (BSS B10 already set ALPHA to 0 and GAMMA to 0) but when disable BH to NH ,problem was fixed
    pls explain.

    Thank you

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    Sometimes, just by resetting the cell, it will jumpstart the GPRS.
    I can’t explain neither.

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    hey Pix!

    can you please explain what are the usual reasons for TBF drop rate in siemens equipment? what performance parameters to check for correction?

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