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Random Interference in 900 band

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    any one please comment>> we experience random interference in our 900 GSM band. interference might be external.

    we use FH, with MA List containing frequecies with 3 ARFCN difference between them for the same cell(usually 10 per cell). different MAIOs.same HSN for three sectors.

    DTX enabled.

    POC on downlink enabled.

    now, Please comment, can we do something else to control random interference.


    yes : detect the device(s) that generate interference and shut them down… that’s part of an operator’s job to ensure that its frequencies are clean. you could do so by using a frequency scanner.

    you can always increase the amount of frequencies you’re hopping on, but if the intereferer is on a wide band, it would not help much.



    dear All

    actually these two solutions is not possible now

    THE EASY WAY: politely ask the person to stop using your frequencies, and if he/she refuses, then you can use:
    2. THE HARD WAY: Report the person to your regulator who will impose appropriate sanctions.

    any technical solution even if so expensive, or you can share study or researches about external interference solution

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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