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AMR utilization around 50%

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    Dear All

    My problem is with a SIEMENS GSM network. BR7.0 is provided on all BTSs and BSC of the network and AMR is enabled in the network (for some BSC on HR & FR and for some others on FR). AMR is working as usual, but this is strange for me that:

    AMR Utilization for average of all cells in each BSC is around 50% (45%-55%) regardless to Number of subscribers of that BSC.
    I checked parameters but couldn’t find a one that limits the amount of traffic worked on AMR.
    I ckecked KPIs but no KPI gave me a result. I checked each cell, cells may change from 20% to 90%. The average of three cells of each BTS is some thing like (different for each BTS).
    I didn’t see any relation between “served AMR traffic” and “Traffic offered” or “traffic carried”.
    I accept that AMR depends on supporting by phones and maybe number of subscribers of each BSC which their phone support AMR , may be aroung 50% of total phones. BUT i compared it with RICH people cities, small or general cities, capitals,…. They are all in this case; It’s respected that rich cities have highr average of AMR utilization.

    Can you help me that why the average of “AMR utilization” of each BSC is near to 50? Is it a unreported problem of Siemens network?

    I’m waiting for your answer. Thanks
    Best Regards,

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    hi river streamer,

    you should check the parameters again : there must be few parameters that define the ratio of AMR TCH allocation, based on the cell traffic load.

    can you find a NSS counter (or BSS counter) that show the average amount of MS that are AMR capable ? in alcatel system, it is possible.
    (you can have this information by performing an A trace also)


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    Though I am not an expert with Siemens equipment I will recommend that you check the EFR traffic from the counters and Please, do not miss the (AMR FR + AMR HR traffic) from the equation when calculating the total AMR usage.

    Based on my experience as soon as you activate AMR you should see at least over 75% usage. In urban areas in the vicinity of 90% should be realistic in my view.


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    Hi RK

    Thanks for your guide.

    Our calculations are right and OK. we use EFR traffic and AMR FR+HR properly. No problem in our equations.

    But It’s strange for me that in Urban or sub-urban areas in our siemens network, the utilization is around 50%.
    I have seen that in some cells it is lower and in some others it is upper but average is around 50%.

    It shows that each cell lonely can support higher utilization but in a BSC (average of total cells) it’s around 50.

    I gussed a BSC or network parameter has limited this but I couldn’t find any parameter or setting on that.

    It’s strange for me.

    Thanks for your more guide.

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    Dear Pix

    thanks for your guide.

    Really I can’t find any PARAMETER that define “AMR TCH Allocation” Based on “Cell or BSC Traffic Load”. (1) Can you guide me and explore it for me?

    I checked it the counter that shows “average amount of MS that are AMR capable” but I can’t. I have asked our NSS/BSS guys to find it for me. I wish I can.
    (2)Please let me know which counter and where in Alcatel shows this parameter?

    (3) How do i can perform a trace as you said?

    (4) Do you know any guy expert on this subject for siemens, Email or ID that I contact for finding a solution.
    This is really a big problem for me.
    Best Regards,

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    Dear All

    Nobody who has experience on Siemens network in AMR subject?

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