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Path Unbalance

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    Can any body help me how i can reduce path unbalance problem. As i have almost 21 db pathbalance diffrence.
    wat the activities i can do on thes sites.

    System : Ericsson


    Which path loss is greater, DL or UL? And from where you are getting this 21 dB figure? MRR?


    Dear All,
    Thanks in advance.
    We are operating a site in multidrop (900 and 1800) with satellite. Near the site, Rxlev and Quality is very good but C/I is worst at a distance of 2KM from the site even if the RxLev is around -80 dBm.The Site is located in small velley and there is no other site. Even the frequency we are using is clean frequency. There are no other source with the same frequency as we are using.

    Our drive test team is investigating on this issue. Please help us in this issue.


    Multipath signals with excessive delay may be the source of interference as you have said that site is in a valley.



    path balance are exclusively linked to a hardware issue. More precisely, the hardware failure occurs on the signal path, between the TRX and the antenna’s dipoles.. So the answer is simple : change your combiner and/or your TRE, check the feeders, TMA, connectors, jumpers, antennas etc. 🙂


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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