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RX Diversity Alarm

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    in a 2206v2 bts i am receiving a rx diversity alarm. I have changed DTRU and CDU and reloaded the IDB. what may be the cause

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    Hi all, Please I really need your help. I have rx path imbalance in rbs 2106 on B receiver in my work a long time ago I can not resolve this alarm. Did anyone can tell waht could I do exactly for clearing this alarm. Remembered that I already swap the DTRU and CDU and reloaded IDB. The alarm cleared for some moments and comsback again. Please Help

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    You should check all your rx path:
    feeder connectors (collecting water ?)
    jumpers / feeders (too much bended ?)
    mains cables (TRDU – CDU)
    all connectors

    Then it is also possible that Rx path is OK, it is just that the Tx path is way better : are you using anything to boost the Tx of the BTS ?
    (signal booster, repeater, tx diversity).

    Check also that your mains cables and your feeders are not swapped.

    A good approach is to analyse the radio measurements statistics (if available in nokia system ?) : check your path balance for each TRX of the whole BTS.


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    @ abdul:

    Removing the TVSS can cause the RxDiv alarm since there is still a TVSS on the other transmission line. Having it in place, though wet, will not affect Rx as much as Tx due to the relative power levels between them. In place, the RSSI on that line is similar to the RSSI on the other line, hence no alarm; remove one TVSS and you can see RSSI levels increase dramatically. If you have access to a spectrum analyser, that may help you narrow things down.

    Additionally, if you had water in the TVSS it is HIGHLY likely there is water in the adjacent connectors and possibly up the main feedline and down the jumper to the BTS.

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    Jairo Carrasco

    RX path Imbalance, la falla se refiere a un problema que causa el VSWR, aun no lo puedo explicar, pero los nuevos software de BTS estan siendo mas sencible a la medicion de VSWR y por ello estan generando esta alarma. corrige el resocado del sistema radiante y para estar seguro realiza una medicion con el site master.

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    I’m very new to this job & i’m getting rx diversity lost,rx path imbalance alarms in 2206,2202.i have checked the vswr values in all sectors,it is ok within the limit.i’m not knowing what to do.can anyone please help me how to rectify those alarms and what are the steps i have to take please..

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    @ Ch.vinodh

    You cannot rely on VSWR to tell you about an Rx problem.

    Are the alarms affecting only one sector or multiple sectors?

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    yes DRU faulty sure lead to VSWR problem….

    i have rx path imbalance too…

    i use Ericsson Equip for 2G layer…can somebody help me about OSS Command which show information for Rx Level Value in case Rx imbalance path) ???


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    Alarm : Rx diversity Lost & Rx path lost on A receiver side. i am using RBS 2116.(Ericsson) please note that Alarm was observed on 900 second sector DRU. Action taken: i have checked for cable swaping, water, moisture and dust in Feeder connectors, but still alarm was on observed on DXU.

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    IF IDB Parameter cause of RX path Imbalance in Ericsson RBS

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    pls i want to how to loging to rbs 2106,and how to check alarms,and how i will no if there is alarms on sites and how to clear the alarms thems

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    Haron Magati Omosa

    Rx diversity alarms in 1800 ,what will be other causes since i have checked all the required steps only the alarms to reappear after 2-3 days later.i have changed jampers, connectors,Checked cable lose, VSWR but stil i am finding the same problem.

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    how can i configure a radio on mini link cratf,wat are the steps

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    emre igrek

    Hi Adnan
    could you write configuration, dru numbers and cmb or uncmb ?

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    how can i resolve Rx path lost on a receiver side on 1800 TEI 2 & 6?

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