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    Hello everybody,
    I’d like ask about HCS basic layering and shifting traffic between cells.

    Example: All cells in the particular area having same LAYER=2 and LAYERTHR=90. If no other lower layer (LAYER-1) cells and one of Layer-2 cell is congested. Is it possible offload traffic changing by Layerthr=80?

    Thus this congested cells will not be considered as Layer=2 above -80 dBm and it will be ranking in Basic ranking (K/L cells) while its neighbours are considered as Layer-2.

    Is it possible or not?

    Thanks in advance


    No, HCS can’t prioritize cells of the same layer. If signal strength of a cell is better than its LAYERTHR it will be ranked better than all of the higher layer cells, not the same layer. And if SS is worse than LAYERTHR then it will be ranked according to basic ranking and Layers won’t be considered.
    In your case you can put this cell into Layer-3 and then every MS with SS better than -90 will be assigned to a Layer-2 cell.

    Secondly, why don’t you use other offloading techniques rather? Make CLS more aggressive, increase the value of AWOFFSET, give negative CRO etc.


    Thanks Bilal,
    Of course I am using CLS, ASSOC, HCS layering, Locating (MSRXSUFF/Offset) to shift traffic any cell.

    It was like a subject like it is possible or not with HCS algoritm. Because all we’ve done with changes layer number or threshold to offload traffic as you said.


    Are you currently using HCS for cell offloading? I think you must assign different frequencies to different layers otherwise it will cause very high interference and probably high drop rate if you make the thresholds too aggressive.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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